Your Epicurean restaurant in Aix-en-Provence

La Lanterne restaurant is a new epicurean restaurant in Aix-en-Provence full of charms, chic and casual which will allow you to discover ephemeral menus in an exceptional atmosphere lounge and musical.

We have a bar, for your best cocktails and spirits preferred.
A stage to enjoymusical events with a singer or a band that will perform for your pleasure.

We are therefore doing everything possible to delight your senses when you visit the Restaurant of La Lanterne.

We have a guarded parking and a free locker room to keep your belongings safe. You can also make a VIP booking to be privileged during your visit.

All of our dishes are completely homemade with fresh seasonal products, specially chosen each week to be in the heart of the moment.

Our restaurant is directly connected to our club, so you can continue your evening in style. warm and distinguished atmosphere. Each entrance to the restaurant gives you the right to access the club, so take the opportunity to visit it and enjoy your free drink when you come.

Looking forward to welcoming you...

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Chic and Select

Lounge Bar

Guarded parking

Free checkroom

VIP Reservations

Chic and Select

Lounge Bar

Guarded parking

Free checkroom

VIP Reservations

4039 Route de Sisteron, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

Is this your first time... at La Lanterne ? 😏

Tell us at the reception, our team will guide you in your discovery of the place!

The framework


The atmosphere of our restaurant is the image of the establishment: Elegant and intoxicating.

All our staff and customers respect our smart but casual dress code to be in the heart of the chosen atmosphere.
Our place is part of a Lounge and Jazzy setting thanks to our stage which hosts many musicians and our choice of decoration.

A Chic, Cosy and Original decor

Our warm colors and subdued lights will transport you to a world of pleasure and lust when you come. We have several parts:

  • A cozy bar to sit down and enjoy your cocktails while talking in front of the stage where we organize many animations.
  • Also take advantage of the lounge area which will transport you to a relaxed corner to sit in armchairs while taking on a theatrical atmosphere thanks to large red curtains and our dimmed lights.
  • We also have a outdoor terracewhere you can exacerbate your gustatory pleasures or simply drink your cocktails.
Lantern Restaurant 04

The terrace of our restaurant in Aix-en-Provence

Whether it is to have a drink or to taste our gustatory pleasures, our restaurant-bar on the terrace welcomes you in a distinguished decor, turned around friendly meetings and good mood.

It is a terrace impossible to circumvent of the around Aix-en-Provence

It will be ideal for a drink on sunny summer days or for cool winter evenings, heated by our stoves.

The Lounge & Cosy area

If you wish to eat in our lounge area, in our cosy armchairs and in a hushed decor, the Lounge area is specially designed to relax around a drink and a good home-made meal by our chef.

Lantern Restaurant 05
Lantern Club 03

The Bar

Although we are not a bistronomic bar, we create delicious cocktails according to the wishes of our barmaids to accompany your libertine aperitifs and your wild parties.
Founded around conviviality and good moodOur libertine bar is focused on the pleasure of sharing a moment with others.

We welcome you in a sophisticated and luxurious setting...

The catering room

If you are looking for a chic and unusual restaurant in Aix-en-ProvenceLa Lanterne Restaurant is the perfect place.
Although we are not a starred or gourmet restaurant, our chef will delight your taste buds with his home-made dishes.

La Lanterne's unmissable swinger restaurant welcomes you to enjoy its à la carte dishes, specially designed for to combine an affordable price with impeccable quality.

Lantern Restaurant 06

A dancing restaurant with special events

Meet our artists and singers through our frequent events, to eat in music and mix the pleasures of taste and art.

Like our Lounge corner, we offer several styles such as Jazz, Blues but also electro, from time to time to offer a musical diversity and atmospheres dedicated to all our customers.

bann wyylde lips

Our kitchen

A gustatory delight

The dishes offered in our Restaurant are available in formula or à la carte. All our dishes are cooked on the spot, home-made with natural and quality products.
We wish to offer you refined dishes, in the image of our setting.

An exceptional chef at your service

Alexandre, our chef, prepares the dishes that you enjoy in our restaurant. From the sophisticated starter to the main course to finish with fancy desserts, he puts together all your meals...

The praise from our customers

Breathtaking plates from presentation to tasting

A majestic menu

Each menu is accompanied by a starter at the Club de La Lanterne Offered and a consumption per person.


Weekend: 90€.

Tuesday: 50€.

Single woman

Weekend: 40€.

Tuesday: 20€.

Single man


Every week, discover a new menu with new dishes made by our chef, everything is completely home-made.

A fresh and distinguished entry

Entry of the week : Each week discover a new entry

The appetizer is presented in the form of a homemade cocktail, verrine, toast, appetizer ... Discover every week new features to enjoy your appetizer while talking with different guests and start to get acquainted.

A tasty dish

Dish of the week : Each week discover a new dish

For example, here are some dishes prepared by our chef (these can be not to be on the menu because it changes every week)

(Week of 6/12)

And its semolina with dried fruits.

(Week of 29/11)

With its spicy black rice juice and piquillos stuffed with small vegetables

(Week of 13/12)

With mushroom shavings, parmesan cheese and grilled hazelnuts.

(Week of 22/11)

With its mesclun and crunchy vegetables.

A dessert for the sweet note

Dessert of the week : Each week discover a new dessert

For example, here are some desserts made by our chef (these can be not to be on the menu because it changes every week)

(Week of 6/12)

And its nougat ice cream

(Week of 29/11)

With its crumble and hot chocolate

(Week of 13/12)

And its custard with Jet 27

(Week of 22/11)