Your Club Libertin in Aix-en-Provence

La Lanterne Club is a place atypical, chic and sexy where you can spend your the craziest parties to come party with your partner or even alone. In a musical atmosphere where the sexuality and the desire are at their peak.

We offer you several places within it, going from one bar specially designed for your naughty dancesto the dance floor with our cage to the cuddle corners to the different intoxicating environments for your libertines the most wild.

We also have a restaurant with ephemeral menus that change every week. Our dishes are specially created by our chef who works with food that is fresh and completely homemade.
You will be able to taste good food at the table but also enjoy our cocktail as an aperitif to start your evening while getting to know your hosts and the guests of the evening.
Please note that for each visit to the restaurant the club is offered to you to continue the evening in our libertine complex.

A guarded parking and a free locker room are also available for you to spend an evening without any worries for your most valuable assets.
You can also have a VIP entrance if you wish.

For book or we contact : directly on our website or by phone at 07 82 06 62 89.
Our rates are also available for each evening.

We also have partners unique who can help you find what you are looking for in your libertine universe.

For all questionsPlease refer to our FAQ or our blog for all advice in liberty and news about our club.

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Chic and Select

Lounge Bar

Guarded parking

Free checkroom

VIP Reservations

Chic and Select

Lounge Bar

Guarded parking

Free checkroom

VIP Reservations

4039 Route de Sisteron, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

Is this your first time... at La Lanterne ? 😏

Tell us at the reception, our team will guide you in your discovery of the place!

How to get to our libertine club from :

Is it your birthday?

Celebrate with a lantern!

🍾 Bottle of champagne* and cake 🎂


*Complimentary bottle for groups of 10 or more.

A torrid and unique place

Warmth and meeting

In our club we put everything in place so that our beloved libertines are in the mood sexy and hot of libertinism :
Dimmed lights, warm colors, dance floor with stripper barsand banquette areas more or less close to the dancefloor with VIP corners for the most detail-oriented and privacy-conscious.

Our bar is provided with your favorite spirits and the team is there to meet your needs in an atmosphere sexy and casual.

Parts for all your desires

Every room at La Lanterne is designed for your pleasure and your wildest experiences:

  • The Bar has several railings to dance on it and show off in front of the dance floor.
  • Facing this one, the famous cage of the Lantern where you can undress and bring out your animal instinct in the middle of the dance floor.
  • A semi-outdoor smokehouse is also available to take a break and chat in peace.
  • Finally our cuddle cornersspecially designed for all types of libertine practices and other naughtiness that you can find in the different alcoves at the exciting environments.
Lantern Club 11

The bar: a lively meeting place

Provided withalcohols of all kinds, from the most prestigious to the most classics for your cocktailsour bartenders will be happy to serve you and answer your questions.
The naughty bar is often a place where one sits, but at the erotic club of La Lanterne it is THE place for show off and have a good libertine aperitif. Thus, from beautiful ladies and gentlemen will be able to climb on it safely thanks to bars hanging from the ceiling as well as around it to hold on and wiggle.

Central place of the club you will let yourself be carried away by the different entertainers of the evenings for hot stocks on this one.

We won't tell you more... Come and discover it for yourself at The Lantern Aix.

The Lantern cage

The famousvery well known and appreciated by the amateurs of La Lanterne the cage is an atypical place in the middle of the dance floor.

You can admire the different bestial instincts of the people present go wild and show you their torrid and wild sides!
Why not go wild and show your dancing skills to raise the temperature of the erotic club...

Lantern Club 07
Lantern Club 1

The semi-outdoor smoker

A place of relaxation and discussion covered and heated for people who want to get some fresh air or take a cigarette break during their evening parties the most intense.

Cuddle corners

What would our libertine nightclub without our appropriate corners to your desires and fantasies the most crazy and libertine practices : our cuddle corners.
Placed in the alcoves of our swinger's discotheque, they will know how to carry you to the country of the desires and the carnal pleasures.

Specially designed for you, we offer different alcoves:

  • Corners closed by curtains These are corners made up of mattresses with everything you need at your disposal.
    The curtains can be completely closed but can also be left open for the the greatest pleasure of passers-by and voyeurs..
  • Closed corners with locks : for the most shy of you, we have a room that can be closed, for the beginners this can be a first way to approach our swinger nightclub.
  • A room surrounded by windows and composed of 2 beds As you will have understood, this one is made for our dear libertines who practice the coastàcôtisme and our voyeurs but especially for your exhibitions Of course, the place is also adapted for partouzes and other dirty practices.
  • Beds directly in the alcoves for the most adventurous to the discovery of strangers, these beds are directly on the way passers-by narrow corridors cuddly corners...
  • One piece BDSM : with cross and handcuffs to tie you to the wall, and a bed right next to it for gang-bangs or your most extravagant scenarios.
  • And other secrets to discover in our swinger club...

For all your questions go to our FAQ and if you want some advice for our parties, don't hesitate to browse our blog dedicated to swingers.

Our libertine and swinger parties

The Lantern's must-haves

Every week, we organize evening partiesspecially designed to exacerbate your desires and raise the temperature to a maximum...
You will be able to find our theme evenings, which are often dedicated to certain audiences and opportune moments: Couples & Single Women, Mixed, Afterwork...

A sexy and welcoming team

Our team is especially for you. We will be at your disposal throughout your evening and we can even present the premises on your first visit to La LanterneFor that nothing is simpler, specify it when your reservation.

It is essential for us to be at your service listen and present for any problem or question, you can also contact our FAQ for more details on this subject.

We also recommend our blogIn this one you can find ideas of swinger sites, advice when coming to the libertine environment or the latest news of the swingers club La Lanterne in Aix-en-Provence.

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The praise from our customers

Eventful nights

Hot parties for all your sexual desires

Before each evening, you can fill up in our restaurant.
For each visit to the club, you get free admission to the club.

Discover the Privilege Pass

Free Entrance at Club

The couples and women only present at the club or restaurant Tuesday are given a Privilege pass for a club entry free on Friday. And those present Friday for Saturday.

(Usable only the same week as the delivery of this one, Non-cumulative, Not transferable)

Each week, discover new theme nights, each day has its own speciality. Click on the desired evening to reserve.





Mixed for single men


Couples and single women only

A Tuesday under the sign "Afterwork

After the effort...

Every Tuesday, La Lanterne invites you to come and spend an evening under the sign of the Afterwork. A long day of work deserves a good break and we are here to offer you the best one there is...

Rates :



+ 2 drinks and Free Friday Privilege Pass

Single woman


+ 1 conso and Free Friday Privilege Pass

Single man


+ 1 drink

Fridays for single men

The weekend for single men

Of course, couples as well as single women are also part of the party, this beginning of weekend is made to welcome the gentlemen eager to make new meetings in libertine club during nights specially conceived for the carnal pleasures.

Rates :

Single man


+ 1 drink

Saturday for couples

The evening of the week

Saturday at La Lanterne is THE day of exception, it is also the most popular day of the week because here you can meet between couples and single women for an evening with a special theme, different every week. Don't forget to book when you come to be sure not to miss anything of this unmissable evening.

Rates :


Single woman

Single man

Couples and women only

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