La Lanterne Aix-en-Provence

3 environments - 1 complex : La Lanterne

La Lanterne is a Libertine complex which offers 3 places for your wildest fantasies:

  • The Club, for warm and intimate moments, but above all to be able to spend evenings more than memorable,
  • The Restaurant, for meals that will make your mouth water at first sight
  • The Mahoa beach, a combination of pool and beach for a hot and humid summer.

The Lantern has several VIP squares around the dance floor and many stools in front of the bar.
And the most Lantern, the large outdoor patio, with a view of the runway, decorated with sofa lounges with table, where you can have your drink and put it down, smoke, while getting acquainted with customers, with a view on the dance floor.
Certainly, libertines often go out in groups, or meet at the club to meet for the first time.
In addition, many of the club's regulars know each other. It can be difficult to fit in the first time, but the dance floor and especially the famous cage, is a way to get closer to couples and to make contacts.

The cocktail party that we offer as an appetizer at the beginning of each opening night at the Restaurant allows build relationships with the customers. We also have a large redesigned cuddle area in front of the patio, discrete, with a King size bedand the naughty area with its many alcoves.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Chic and Select

Sheltered Smokehouse

Guarded parking

Free checkroom

VIP Reservations

Lounge Bar

4039 Route de Sisteron, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

Is this your first time... at La Lanterne ? 😏

Tell us at the reception, our team will guide you in your discovery of the place!

The Club

The Club

The Sensual Place

The libertine club of La Lanterne is the place of all desires and fantasies... Share naughty and intimate moments in a cosy and refined setting in our numerous alcoves. Find our prestigious nightclub which makes the club inescapable to start the evening and to make all the desires rise...

Lantern Club 19
Lantern Club 18
Lantern Club 15
Lantern Club 11
Lantern Club 07
Lantern Club 06
Lantern Club 20
Lantern Club 14
Lantern Club 08
Lantern Club 06
Lantern Club 05
Upcoming club events
Bi Women Evening
Saturday April 22 (8:30-5:00 pm)
Women BI 2204
The beginners' evening
Friday, April 21 (8:30-5:00 pm)
The beginners' evening - 2104_
Sunday April 09 (20h30-5h00)
Saturday 08 April (20h30-5h00)
Sexy Rabbit
Friday, April 07 (8:30-5:00 pm)

The Restaurant

La lanterne restaurant 3
The lantern restaurant 1
La lanterne restaurant 5
Lantern Club 03
Lantern Restaurant 05
Lantern Restaurant 04
Lantern Club 04
Lantern Restaurant 03
Lantern Restaurant 02
Lantern Restaurant 01
Lantern Club 2
Lantern Restaurant 07
Lantern Restaurant 06
Lanterne Club Aix Restaurant
Lanterne Club Aix Restaurant

The Restaurant

A Cuisine of Exception

Taste our homemade dishes, imagined and cooked by our chef to delight your taste buds and heighten your senses... On the program, appetizers, plated meals and desserts...

100% Fresh and Homemade dishes
Lantern Restaurant 12
Lantern Restaurant 11
Lantern Restaurant 10
Lantern Restaurant 09
Lantern Restaurant 08

The Mahoa Beach

The Mahoa Beach

Your Beach in the City

Our swimming pool with deckchair and sand, to swim and enjoy the sweet sun of the French Riviera. But beware: it will not be the only one to make you sweat and get hot...

Mahoa Lantern 5
Mahoa Lantern 4
Mahoa Lantern 3
Mahoa Lantern 2
Mahoa Lantern 1