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Wyylde is one of the most popular libertarian networks because of its large number of usersof its ease of use and its accessibility.
The platform is known to be a place where you can find all kinds of content: from photos at videos, through statuses like the famous Facebook or pages for professionals.
It is also possible to meet and interact with people in real time on the webcam and the chat rooms.

This article will tell you everything about this network: how it works, how you can use it, the price and the opinion of real users on the service.

We will also compare this platform with its competitors and alternatives in order to give an opinion on the most suitable libertine network for everyone's needs as well as bonus information like promotional codes.

Our opinion on Wyylde, the Hum Hum network

As a libertine club, we have tested many libertine platforms on the web. Wyylde is one of those for which we had a crush.

Its design, its functionalities, the members who are part of it: everything is designed to make you feel at home. Its "Facebook" aspect makes it simple and pleasant to use. The details on your profile allow you to clearly express your desires and the sexual practices you like. The system of photos, videos and live webcam is really useful, especially with the "Private" function, to give access only to the desired members.

The subscription is not very expensive, and if you plan to use Wyylde for a while, it is wise to opt for a yearly Gold subscription which is really advantageous.

The system of favorites and the fact of knowing who has visited your profile is innovative and it allows you to easily contact members potentially interested in your profile. As for the search, it is very well thought out and allows you to find naughty people around you, with the same desires as you in a few minutes. Moreover, it is easy to know if a profile is real thanks to the account certifications and the testimonies of other members.

To go further, you can join groups (public or private) with themes and even follow the professional files of your favorite libertine clubs or stars of libertinage.

Whether you are alone or in couple, whether you are looking for libertinage, swinging or even candaulism, Wyylde is the platform tested and approved by us!

Wyylde coupon code 7 days free

What is " Wyylde ", the leader of the liberty websites?

Wyyldeformerly Net Swapping is a libertine network paid by subscription
It allows everyone to find what they are looking for: sexual relations without headaches and the pleasure ofexchange and libertine

On the platform, you can chat with other members through cat or through a webcam directly connected via your computer, phone or tablet.

You also have a profile that you can fill with your information, photos and videos or introduce your spouse.

If you are wondering where meet new people or simply to meet new people. entertain this evening, this site is made for you.

Good to know: Wyylde is one of the most popular libertarian sites popular (based on the number of users) :

wyylde statistics
wyylde statistics

Subscription prices and rates

Wyylde operates on a subscription basis from 19,90€ for 1 month à 99,90€ for 1 year (i.e. 8,30€/month):

  • 1 month at 19.90€/month
  • 3 months at 13.30€/month (-34% discount, or 1 month free)
  • 12 months at 8.33€/month (-59% discount, i.e. 7 months free)

Good to know: The subscription is non-binding and you can unsubscribe in one click from your account settings.

Subscription prices on Wyylde
Subscription prices on Wyylde

Promo code to test Wyylde for free for 7 days


If you want to test before taking your subscription, you can use a promo code Wyylde for a 7-day free trial period : " LANT " to be returned when you register.

wyylde 7 day promo code

Wyylde Features

Wyylde is quite innovative and offers many features to navigate the platform and enjoy using it.

wyylde- profile


With all the necessary details to find your favorite libertines.

wyylde photos videos

Photos and videos

Share your albums in public or private mode.

private messaging on wyylde

Private messaging

To play with discretion and to plan meetings if affinities...

wyylde contacts


Create your contact lists and simplify your meetings.

wyylde coup de coeur


Let them know you want to learn more...

wyylde profile visits

Profile visits

You know who visits your profile, useful to contact them again...

wyylde notifications


To be aware of everything that's going on in your Wyyldosphere.

wyylde testimonials


Receive and send testimonials to other libertines.

wyylde profile search

Search for profiles

To find the libertine(s) with the same expectations as you.

wyylde videos

Search for videos

To find public videos posted by other naughty people.

wyylde on a trip

On the road

Traveling? Have fun with strangers with this feature!

Lives and webcam videos on wyylde

Lives on webcam

To practice voyeurism and to rinse the eyes.

wyylde events


Find the events and parties around your home.

wyylde private and public groups


Join private or public groups and have fun.

wyylde club business page

Professional cards

Find the libertine clubs or the actors of the libertine world.

wyylde on mobile (apple ios, android)

Mobiles & Phones

Wyylde is compatible with all smartphones and tablets!

How do I register and log in to Wyylde?

The site can be accessed directly from a web browser through your computer. On the other hand, it does not have no mobile application for iOS or Android. To compensate, Wyylde on mobilee has a fully adapted version that works with Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone...

Steps to create an account

  1. Visit Wyylde.com and click on "Join".
  2. Start the registration process by answering the questions (they will be used to fill your profile and propose you relevant lovers)
  3. Fill in your information (username, email, password, etc.) in order to log in to the account.
  4. You are now connected to Wyylde! Use our promo code "LANT" to test the platform for free for 7 days.
bann wyylde live

Tips for using Wyylde like a pro

To get started on Wyylde, here are 5 essential tips:

  1. Put a nice profile picture (and avoid showing your penis in close-up)
  2. Write a description that is appealing and representative of you Who are you? Why are you on Wyylde? What are your desires? What do you like in the liberty ?
  3. Be honest and don't tell lies. In short, be yourself and express YOUR desires.
  4. Get your account certified to prove that you are not a "fake" (false profile)
  5. Respect other membersIt is essential to exchange in all serenity!

While this may make sense to some, others don't have the proper manners when they register on a libertine networkA little reminder never hurts 😉

Profile certification on wyyldz
Profile certification on wyyldz

How to use Wyylde for sex?

To use the libertine network, the best is to use all the features. For example, you can express your desires, say what you are looking for on the site or give your availability for the coming week!

Use the advanced search

As we have seen, if you are looking for something specific on the libertine site, it is not a problem!
You can easily make a search by gender, sexual orientation (Gay, straight, bi...), age rangeage, location, type of activity (BDSM, fetish, role playing...) thanks to the proposed filters at each level.

Sexual desires and searches on Wyylde

Define your desires and research

To find THE libertine(s) who correspond to you! You have the choice between the different genres (LGBTQI+) and cravings" which are common sexual practices (and other less common ones) like swinging, exhibition, mixing or voyeurism.

Free LCS Feature This Week

Use the #LCS / #LSW features

Free This Week (#LCS) / Free On Wyylde (#LSW) is a perfect feature to express your availability and your desires according to days and hours! In a few clicks, you can define your availability day by day!

Participate in libertine parties and private events

You can also find private events or libertine parties in the biggest liberty clubs in France as La Lanterne :

Is Wyylde a scam?

Our answer is a unanimous one and it is a great NO ! If Wyylde is today the leader of the market, it is not for nothing, and you can find several very interesting testimonies of women users of the network that talks about it:

Testimony of a woman user

To read: What is "Neteck-VPC"? Is it a scam?

If you want a playmate to test new experiences, this is the place to be.

You will find a atmosphere of desires and a sexual tension at its best with :

  • 5.8 million visits per month,
  • 565,500 paying members,
  • 85% of French,
  • A representative age range of 25-34 years
  • And 40% of female users.

A great way to enjoy yourself and share good times!

Reviews from real Wyylde users

A very correct site that I have been using for two years and having made many encounters and we can see the private parties and parties of the libertine clubs and very few false profiles because quickly denounced by the subscribers. I don't understand the negative opinions below and if you don't create a profile with a well thought out ad and beautiful photos, it's certain that you won't meet anyone

5/5 by Jérémie SCHMITT on TrustPilot
Date of Experience:
February 21, 2022

My experience: Older people new

Being new, we were afraid to be a little out of step with the other members but in fact not at all. Everyone we came in contact with was patient, respectful and jovial. Thank you for the welcome! We hope to be able to initiate new couples in our turn, now that we are at ease.

by Julia on 26/02/2020 on Perfect

My experience : I am very shy

Normally I'm a girl who has a really hard time finding boys in real life because I'm a curvy girl but on this site I finally have the opportunity to free myself because here there are many profiles and so you can easily find what suits you. I finally find a lot of boys interested in my shape so I'm very happy and it really gives me confidence in myself now. So if like me you don't have confidence in yourself do the step and discover this wonderful site. I promise you that you will be delighted just like me, don't be afraid of your figure anymore. Thanks to Thomas, my best friend who made me discover this site.

by Armelle on 17/05/2021 on Perfect

Frankly, not too bad.
Their billing is straightforward, simple and reliable. No scams. Unlike many dating sites, they are honest.
And their site works pretty well and doesn't have too many bugs.

4/5 by Shakenbauer on TrustPilot
Date of Experience:
May 15, 2020

My experience : This site has been a revelation for us

Finally a platform that allowed us to talk more about our desires with my husband. And at the same time, we discovered ourselves more through meetings with other couples.

by Patricia on 15/02/2020 on Perfect

My experience : Various profiles

I think that the profiles on the site are quite balanced. As a result, everyone can find their happiness.

by Ron on 21/02/2020 on Perfect

WYYLDE is a great site for people who want to have fun ^^

by CDB-Lyon on VideoGames.com
Date of Experience:
May 15, 2020

A diversified libertine community and safe from fake profiles

On dating sites and libertine sites, false profiles are a plague often badly managed by moderators. But on WyyldeFor the greatest happiness of libertines and swingers, it is another story.

The site contains a minority of false profiles and it is often moderate by the Wyylde team.

The community is very diversifiedYou can therefore find people of all age groups, but also of all races. social categories or sexual orientations (Gay, Trans, Bi, LGBT...)

Wyylde has nothing to envy to other sites in terms of quality and quantity !

search and login to wyylde

But the most important thing for me? It's always a safe place where I never have to no worries about the authenticity of the profiles.

We can also have it certified its account Wyylde to be more legitimate in the eyes of other libertines!

You can also find some Pornstar or celebrities known in the porn industry as : Anna Polina, ZavaTrash, LittleAngel84, Ava Moore

Competitors and alternatives of sites for libertines like Wyylde :

Jacquie et Michel Contact : a name that is no longer to be made

Jacquie et Michel contact logo

Jacquie & Michel contact is really the direct competitor from Wyylde thanks to a reputation which is no longer to be done.

  • + 6 million visits per month
  • 1.3 million registered users
  • 40 % of women

But unfortunately they do not offer no mobile application and lack of details in the profiles.

On the other hand, you can also find the basic features: chat and webcam, moderation of fake profiles, a trial offer without commitment and a payment per week of 2€..

NousLibertins : a correct alternative

nouslib logo

Swinging and mixing site, Welibertins offers a free registration in order to enjoy a minimum of service before subscribing to the site libertine.

A fairly present community with 2,000,000 libertines, the site offers new features such as the Speed Sex Dating, very interesting and innovative.

NousLibertins is also available in phone and tablet versions. Register on Nouslib!


libertic logo

Libertic is similar in functionality to our dear Wyylde, but the attendance is less (500,000 members) for certain reasons:

  • Subscription rates are higher
  • There are fewer features
  • Profiles are less detailed

A poor alternative that won't make Wyylde envious...

Place libertine: a serious competitor

place libertine logo

Place libertine is very well positioned against Wyylde and is very active:

  • + More than 2 million subscribers
  • + More than 70,000 users per day
  • 200+ partner clubs/saunas

For him too, you will find the classic features such as chat, Live Cam exhibitions, internal messaging, certified profiles with photos / videos, search system by geolocation ...

RDV Libertin : very average

RDV Libertin logo

The site RDVlibertin is a swinger site with less notoriety but which proposes a free registration. It has much less features.

Its advantages: the design and ergonomics that are pleasing to the eye.

Registration is just a few clicks away: Create a nickname, fill in your age, define your region. Then, the site proposes you a list of other members in a close radius so that the libertine meeting is done as quickly as possible.

The little extras of Wyylde

Wyylde puts itself forward thanks to their innovative design and modern, young and dynamic as you can find on their website or in their magazine " Wyylde The Mag

Their communication master key with a touch ofhumor very effective, as for example in this advertisement:

In addition, a few years ago Wyylde took the liberty of ordering from our dear French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) a survey on the theme of : Tell me who you vote for, I'll tell you how you make love...

A very serious study that deserves a look!

Finally, I would like to remind you of the spelling that is often abused and revisited, that Wyylde which means wild in English is written with two Yand not Wyyldle, Wyyld, Wyllde, Wwylde or Wyddle.

It was just for information!

You can also find Wyylde on social networks:

Conclusion on Wyylde, the "HUM HUM..." network

Wyylde is a network that has a lot of promise, but it must be said that its great potential will only take effect with time and especially if they continue to work and develop the features that the libertine audience likes.

For more information You can contact us via our contact page or by commenting directly under this article so that we can answer you.

Useful links :

The Wyylde Q Fair

My account

To connect to Wyylde from a telephone or a computer:

  1. Go to the Wyylde home page
  2. Click on "Connect".
  3. Enter your Username and Password
  4. Click on the "Connect" button

Read more: Connecting to Wyylde and changing settings

  1. Log in to your account on your PC or phone.
  2. Follow the steps already described above and stay on the menu "Parameters".
  3. Select the menu "General".
  4. Click on the link "Delete my account", or "Delete".
  5. Insert your username, password, and the reason why you have decided to delete your Wyylde account.
  6. Confirm. You have now completed the process to unsubscribe from Wyylde
Delete a wyylde account

On the computer version of Wyylde:

  • Click on the arrow at the top right of the site toaccess the menu "parameters"
  • Click on " Delete my account "at the bottom of the page.

From the mobile version:

  • Click on "Parameters " > " General
  • Then click on " Delete" .
Delete a wyylde account

If you are a couple or a woman :

  • take a photo of you with your face (of both persons for couples) taking into account a paper on which it is written : "For Wyylde + your nickname + today's date".

If you are a lonely man :

  • It will be necessary to be recommended by a certified couple or woman.
    The certified member(s) should write to Wyylde via the "Contact Us" section to make this request.
    If the history of the recommending profile makes it trustworthy, the certification of your profile will be considered.

If you are a person transsexual or transvestite :

  • You must be recommended via the "contact us" section but you can also go through a single person.
    The recommender(s) must have been certified for at least 1 year for the certification application to be legitimate.

No, it is impossible to change your nickname on Wyylde. However, you can create a second record corresponding to another of your profiles.

They will then be able to transfer the current subscription. Please note that any transfer of a subscription is final, it can only be transferred once.

However, you will lose your seniority, testimonials and contacts.
If you want to keep the current email address on your new form, you must first delete the current form.

Once this is done, please contact us so that we can switch the subscription to your new account by specifying the old username, the new one and the contact email in your mail.

Subscription and payments

You can register for free, and then you can pay for the subscription without having to pay by credit card.

Several choices are offered to you:

  • Pay by prepaid card

It is possible to pay by prepaid card but we strongly advise you to contact the service in question for more information about the accepted media.

  • Payment by cashier's check :

If you wish to subscribe by check you can send your payment payable to Neteck to the address below along with the following (delays can be from 7 to 15 days):

  • A signed letter clearly indicating your nickname
  • the contact email of your account
  • your payment by check

Address: Customer Service, Neteck Company, 121 rue Edouard Vaillant 92300 Levallois-Perret

ATTENTION: Wyylde does not accept checks from abroad.

Upon receipt of your check, your account will be credited to the site.

  • By bank transfer :

Here are the coordinates you can use to make your subscription by bank transfer by specifying the contact email of your nickname on the site:


BANK CODE : 10207


ACCOUNT NUMBER : 21214599599

CLE RIB : 77 Iban : FR76 1020 7003 1021 2145 9959 977



Transfers take 7-15 days to be processed on Wyylde depending on how long it takes for the funds to arrive.

To ensure discretion, all Wyylde direct debits will appear as "NETECK-VPC" on your bank account.

It is not not possible to be reimbursed a purchased subscription. You can cancel the current subscription.

There are 3 formulas with different rates depending on the time of subscription:

  • Subscription ofone month at 19,90
  • Subscription of three months 13,30€ per monthor 39,90€.
  • Subscription of 12 months at 8,33€ per month99,96€ per year

and you can have 7 days free with our code : LANQDU03

No... But almost! Thanks to our promo code " LANT " which will offer you a 7-day trial period.

Only one code: LANT, this discovery code allows you to test Wyylde for free for 7 days... A good week ahead and the beginning of great things 😉

To take advantage of this code you just have to fill in the dedicated area "Promo Code" during payment or registration.

Operation, tips and miscellaneous

You have two options:

  1. Go to the Wyylde home page (where the news feed appears) and post "A Media Item" at the top of the page.
  2. Go to your profile, click on "Edit my profile" then on "Photos", go to the "Photos" tab then click on the "Add photos" image.

Quick tip: Some can be kept "Secret/Private" if you choose to do so via the appropriate option.

To do so, please fill in your preferences and practices when you register or on your profile.

You will be able to choose in the selection criteria for example: lesbian couples, straight couples, but also couples with women and/or bi men for example.

Of course, you enter a conquered ground for some couples, who already have an increased experience in the field of libertinage. For a newcomer, it may be complicated to make a place for himself.
Don't panic: Choose a suitable couple by browsing the profiles on Wyylde and send them a message.

Of course, the first contact is the most important, so please be simple and respectful with the person in front of you. On Wyylde the response rate is quite high so there is no need to stress. It often takes only a few messages before we can meet you to move on to more concrete things 😉

Women and dating sites... A complicated duo and Wyylde does not fail!

Unfortunately, these are in high demand and therefore receive a huge demand for messages. Luckily, there are still a few little tricks to stand out from the crowd 😊!

At first, it is necessary to avoid staying too classic: "Hello, are you well?" is a message that will be easily lost in the mass of copy-paste made by all users.
So don't hesitate to be a little more daring, a humorous tone could be very appreciated with a few small details that show that you are interested in her profile.

Of course, when the contact is made, there is no need to go around in circles for days telling all your adventures, be respectful and above all accept the eventual refusal. When a person kindly says "No" to you, move on, they may come back in a while, who knows!

When a subscription ends, it is still possible to receive messages, so you can still send them.
On the other hand, if the person has deleted their account... You will unfortunately no longer be able to access it and therefore send them messages at the same time.

You can create private albums by going to your profile and clicking on "Edit my profile", in Albums, you can click directly on the little lock that will allow you to make it "Private" and choose who you give access to it.

You're probably all familiar with Facebook Messenger, well Wyylde works in a similar way: just go to your conversation and go to the "Images" tab.

Tip: You can also open an access to your photos or albums only for some profiles, in these cases, go to the profile in question and click on : In this case, go to the profile in question and click on: "Open my private contents".

The live-show function is present for all your hot webcam games, you will be able to invite the chosen member(s) from this interface.

Unfortunately, they don't have an app at the moment, so you won't find Wyylde in your regular stores.

Fortunately, whether you have an iPhone, Android or other smartphone, you can connect to the Mobile version of Wyylde.

If you have been blocked, it means that you cannot send a message to the corresponding account. Try to send a message, if it does not send: you have been blocked!

On the profile, in the chat, or messaging of the member you can click on : "Report" which will let Wyylde know that this member is behaving in an inappropriate way on their network.

Wyylde keeps its information very secret to users, so you will unfortunately not be able to see users without being registered to the libertine site.

But keep in mind that the registration to the site is free, and that thanks to our promo code LANTYou can have a free week to find what you are looking for on the platform.

Wyylde means wild, and double Y's are for... twice as much wildness! 😈

These terms stand for "Free Tonight" and "Free on Wyylde" respectively, an option to notify other libertines of your availability.

Read more: What does "#LCS" and "#LSW" mean on Wyylde?

Of course, with today more than 5.8 million visits per month and 565 500 members with a paid subscription wyylde is a 100% secure site. Nevertheless, be careful with people asking you for personal information.

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  • I would like to subscribe to wyylde but the site does not work how do I subscribe?

    • Hello René,

      Thank you for your message!
      Normally, you will be able to proceed to the payment of the subscription directly after registration to Wyylde.

      On the other hand, if you have problems paying for the subscription, I advise you to contact directly the support team who will be able to answer your questions:

      Thank you again and don't hesitate if you have any other questions about using the libertine network!
      The Lantern.


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