The Libertine spirit of Moulin aux Anges at La Lanterne

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A respected heritage
A Renewed Experience

Dear friends and enthusiasts of the libertine world,

We understand that the closure of the famous "Moulin aux Anges" may have left a void in your libertine evenings. It is with enthusiasm and respect for this legendary establishment that we invite you to discover "La Lanterne", a place where the spirit and elegance of the "Moulin" continue to shine.

Le moulin aux anges: A journey into the past

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Site presentation

Situated in a meticulously renovated former oil press, this space offers over 450 m2 dedicated to pleasure and relaxation, open from Thursday to Saturday evenings and the eves of public holidays. Just 20 minutes from Aix-en-Provence, 35 from Marseille and 20 from Avignon, it has quickly established itself as one of the PACA region's top night spots. Welcoming a chic and courteous clientele, the Moulin aux Anges offers convivial and lively evenings, in a setting designed for unforgettable experiences. The layout includes a restaurant, multiple intimate spaces with a variety of themes, a large bathroom with shower for four people, a video lounge and much more, all in a warm and respectful atmosphere.

Previous address :

7 Rue Benjamin Raspail, Lambesc, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

La Lanterne: Enchanting similarities

A Historic and Charming Place

La Lanterne is nestled in a picturesque old building in the south of France, a structure that exudes history and charm. Our carefully carved stone alcoves offer exceptional privacy for cuddly encounters. Every corner of our club is a testimony to the past, merging harmoniously with contemporary pleasures. These unique spaces invite you to explore intimate moments in a setting as elegant as it is historic, recalling the splendor and sophistication of the "Moulin aux Anges".

An Elegant Clientele

À La LanterneWe continue the tradition of elegance and refinement that was so dear to the "Moulin aux Anges". Our dress code calls for elegant attire: gentlemen in pants, dress shoes and shirts, and ladies in skirts or sexy dresses with heels. This requirement guarantees an atmosphere where style meets sensuality, creating an environment where class and respect are the order of the day. We invite our customers to embody this elegance, contributing to the unique, courteous atmosphere for which "La Lanterne" is renowned.

Multiple Experiences

Like Le Moulin, our club offers a variety of spaces designed to satisfy every desire. Our private alcoves offer a haven of peace for intimate moments, while our epicurean restaurant delights the senses with exquisite menus. Our themed evenings add a touch of fantasy and adventure, allowing you to enjoy unique experiences on every visit.

An exceptional restaurant

As at Moulin aux Anges, La Lanterne also offers a refined culinary experience in an elegant, historic setting. In the same warm, friendly atmosphere, La Lanterne stands out for its epicurean approach, with a bar for sophisticated cocktails and a stage for musical events, creating a lounge and musical atmosphere. Like Moulin aux Anges, which offers a variety of themed spaces, La Lanterne is characterized by its chic, cosy decor, including an attractive outdoor terrace, while offering home cooking prepared by an exceptional chef.

The famous dancefloor cage

Like the legendary 2000s club "Le Moulin des Anges", La Lanterne has a unique and alluring feature: a round cage in the middle of the dance floor. This cage, an emblematic symbol of the club culture of the era, provides a distinctive space for dancing and entertaining. It adds a touch of nostalgia and exclusivity to the club experience, evoking the vibrant ambience and visual appeal that so appealed to the "Moulin des Anges" crowd.

Our upcoming Theme Nights

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A Warm and Intimate Adult Club

Start with an appetizer and continue at the restaurant before coming to dance and have fun in our a place dedicated to your pleasures.

Dress Code

For gentlemen: pants, dress shoes and a shirt are required. For ladies: an attractive skirt or dress with heels. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone wearing a t-shirt, polo shirt or sneakers.


The event takes place in two acts. Le opening act offers a refined culinary experience to start the evening. Le second act marks the opening of the discothequehosted by a DJ to create an electrifying atmosphere. This combination offers an evening glamour and attractivebased on the respect and the pleasure.


A free locker room is at your disposal to allow you to change as soon as you arrive at the swingers club. Take advantage of our heated patios, the VIP areasand showers. From towels and condoms are also at your disposal. We've thought of everything so that you can share moments that are both intense and erotica

Guarded parking

From the moment ofopening to the closure of the club, enjoy a free guarded parking reserved for hotel guests. To find your way, please consult the map available in the contact menu.

VIP access

Reserve your V.I.P. parking space. close to the restaurant, as well as a privileged table for an unforgettable experience. Enjoy an evening where you're the center of attention. To benefit from these advantages, ask for the V.I.P. service when you call.

Hotels in the vicinity

If you're looking for accommodation near La Lanterne Aix-en-Provence, we can recommend several options. These include B&B Venelles and La Bastide de Venelles are quality choices. Please note that these establishments are not libertine hotels.

What makes La Lanterne unique

Epicurean Restaurant

Like the Moulin, La Lanterne is anchored in a setting rich in history, offering an immersive and unique experience.

Musical and festive atmosphere

Just like Le Moulin, we welcome our B.C.B.G. and courteous clientele, fostering a warm and respectful atmosphere.

The Mahoa Beach

Like Le Moulin, our club offers a variety of spaces to suit every taste - private alcoves, an epicurean restaurant, themed evenings and more.

Lantern Club 2

4039 Route de Sisteron, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

Is this your first time... at La Lanterne ? 😏

Tell us at the reception, our team will guide you in your discovery of the place!