Mahoa Beach : Your beach in town in Aix-en-Provence

The Mahoa Beach is the place of the summer: a libertine and naturist space to rest in the sun and enjoy the sand just a few minutes from the city. But that's not all: you can also party with your friends and meet new people.

The Mahoa has a outdoor poolof a bar for your freshest cocktails, from deckchairs feet in the sand and tables to enjoy some good food or aperitifs.
In short, everything is done to make the summer season the best for your exhibitions of all kinds.

We also have several outdoor king size beds available to enjoy the sun with your other half or... maybe with people you met on the spot...

You can participate in our libertine eventswhether in the afternoon with our famous PoolParty by La Lanterne or in the evening with outside shows (dancers, singers...) and a crazy team at your disposal.

We also have a restaurant with ephemeral menus to come and enjoy a good lunch or end your afternoon with a good meal. Everything you need before you start your evening in our club or right by the pool!
All our meals are prepared by our chef, who cooks completely in-house.

A guarded parking and a free locker room are also available so that you don't have to bring your personal belongings with you when you visit our pool. The main thing is: you, your smile and your best Adam and Eve outfit if you wish...

For book or we contact : directly on our website or by phone at 07 82 06 62 89.
Our rates are also available on our website.

We also have partners unique who can help you find what you are looking for in your libertine universe.

For all questionsPlease refer to our FAQ or our blog for all advice in liberty and news about our club.

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Pool party



Free checkroom

Guarded parking

Pool party



Free checkroom

Guarded parking

4039 Route de Sisteron, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

Is this your first time... at La Lanterne ? 😏

Tell us at the reception, our team will guide you in your discovery of the place!

Relaxing moments with your feet in the sand

Heat and torrid encounters

In our beautiful region PACA, we love the sun, the beach, good food, parties and cocktails.
With the Mahoa Beach, our little corner of paradiseWe were going to have all these little pleasures just a few steps away from the city of Aix-en-Provence and Venelles.

Feet in the sand, a cocktail in hand, meetings and a dive in the pool while finishing with a home-made dish specially concocted for you...

Isn't life beautiful?

Everything you need for summer fun

In our beautiful Mahoa Beach you can find many little pleasures that rhyme with sun and good times:

  • The Bar all in wood like a tiki bar to come and quench your thirst with our best cocktails for the summer.
  • Of course, since it's hot and we're at the beach: our Outdoor pool awaits you to throw yourself in and refresh yourself for a few moments.
  • A King-size bed to rest, take a nap or have a special moment with a person of your choice when you leave the pool...
  • Finally our deckchairsA must-have in any private beach, with an umbrella and a drink in hand, to enjoy the summer like a true southerner.

It feels like a vacation, doesn't it?

Mahoa Lantern 4

Tiki bar : Cocktails, waitresses and meetings

Our outdoor bar is perfect for your summer breaks, meeting up, chatting with friends and socializing.

Built all in wood, it is reminiscent of a beachside tiki bar on your favorite island paradise: La Lanterne. We have a wide range of cocktails of all kinds, which can make summer rhyme with casual.

Our different bartenders will be present to guide you and give way to their most beautiful smiles to serve you and find the beverage you need.

Deckchairs: The sun, the view and the warmth of the sand

Nothing better than a deckchair under a parasol in the summer in the south of France!

A drink in hand, beautiful women and men for the pleasure of the eyes.

All this in a sexy, hot atmosphere and in the simplest way for the most naughty.
We offer our deckchairs free of charge for couples and single women in the afternoon, so come and enjoy a memorable summer...

Mahoa Lantern 1
Mahoa Lantern 5

King size beds : To rest and more if affinities...

Of course, we are at La Lanterne, a libertine club. We provide our favorite rascals with a space where they can rest and much more if they wish...

With a view of the pool, our large king size beds will please you all day long for your most sensual or relaxing breaks.

Does the warmth of the sun or the person you're with make your head spin? Our outdoor beds will make you want to lie down and enjoy the moment.

The liberty pool

Without its pool, the Mahoa could not exist. How could a beach be without the water that characterizes it?

Get out your best swimsuits or your best Adam and Eve outfits to enjoy our private naturist beach that we make available.

In our pool, there is only one rule: take advantage !

So have fun, relax, and make the most of all our days with themes proposed throughout the summer season like our Pool Party afternoons that never cease to make people happy.

Our liberty pool can welcome you for special events, but also for relaxing moments before coming to our club for an exceptional evening.

Don't be shy, if you are looking for THE place of the summer is here: the Mahoa beach of La Lanterne.

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Our themed events

From daytime pool parties to evenings by the water

Throughout the season, enjoy our libertine evenings at the waterfront as well as our favorite events such as the famous and unmissable Libertine Pool Party.

In the hottest time of the year, it is important to be able to stay at the water's edge until nightfall. That's why we offer cocktail parties right on the Mahoa Beach.

Everything for your greatest pleasure and your most beautiful moments at the Lanterne Aix-en-Provence!

Musical breaks and surprising guests

To have beautiful evenings, a place of dream and an atmosphere of madness it is well but... We also propose to you with the lantern of the musical shows with the most surprising guests.
Singers from all over the world and from your favorite shows such as The Voice will be part of the game!
colorful, with stilt walkers, DJ, LED robots, etc...

bann wyylde lips

The praise from our customers

Crazy afternoons and evenings

Relaxing or... explosive events

Discover our colorful events in the afternoon or evening

Don't forget that you can get your fill in our restaurant.
For each visit to the club, you get free entry to the club in the evening.

Each week, discover new theme nightsEach day has its own speciality. Click on the desired evening to reserve.

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"Mahoa Beach" pool
Epicurean Restaurant
TuesdayClosed7pm ' 10pm22h ' 01h
Friday & SaturdayClosed20h30 ' 23h23h ' 05h

Sunny afternoons

Rest with the sun and sand

From 1pm to 7pm, come and enjoy the Mahoa Beach to relax, have a drink, meet new people and have a good time in the simplest way.

Prices (excluding special events)



Mandatory drink

Single woman


Mandatory consos

Single man


+ 1 conso included

A prestigious cocktail reception

A good dinner, to start the evening

Join us, every early evening, for a Prestige cocktail :
A restoration 100% homemade by the pool in the form of a cocktail reception



Tuesday: 50€.
Friday & Saturday: 90€.

+ 2 drinks

Single woman

Tuesday: 20€.
Friday & Saturday: 40€.

+ 1 drink

Single man


+ 1 drink

Our hot events

Heat and show

Every month we prepare a special special evening. Only one Thursday, but for your greatest pleasure when you come, this theme evening is prepared and thought out so that you can spend a Thursday in the most complete eroticism. A cocktail specially prepared for the occasion is included in this evening.

Rates :



Single woman


Single man

Couples and women only