Promo code Jacquie et Michel Contact to test the dating site

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Are you desperately looking for a Jacquie et Michel contact promo code that works? You have tested various coupons found on the web without success? You can't test the platform without paying a subscription first?

Please note: There are no promo codes at this time.

Promo code to test Jacquie et Michel Contact

At this time, there are no promo codes for a J&M contact subscription.

However, the platform sets up a two week trial offer at lower costs: 1,94 € for 7 days, in order to test the dating site for libertines.

Gold Membership

Instead of 55,00€.

30 days free

Silver Subscription

Instead of 50,00€.

15 days free

Bronze Membership


7 days free

How do I use my trial offer on Jacquie et Michel Contact?

To use the J&M Contact trial offer, simply follow these steps:

  1. Connect to Jacquie et Michel Contact with your account, and go to the home page,
  2. In the menu at the top right (click on your profile picture), then open the "My Account" tab,
  3. On the left, click on "Subscription,
  4. Choose the trial offerand fill in your payment method,
  5. Click on " Validate the payment ". and take advantage of your trial offer during which you have access to many features!

Thank you who? Thank you Jacquie et Michel !

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Jacquie et Michel contact : My account
Jacquie et Michel contact : My account
J&M contact trial offer
J&M contact trial offer
Jacquie et Michel contact : My account

What do I have access to with the J & M contact trial offer?

The Jacquie & Michel Contact trial offer allows you to enjoy the same features as a "Bronze" subscription of the dating site for libertines.

It will allow you to discover the platform and test it. You will be able to :

  • 10 top placements
  • Unlimited access to webcam chat between fans
  • Unlimited message playback
  • Unlimited fan to fan messaging
  • 5 contact requests per day
  • Unlimited profile viewing
  • Access to customer service
  • Up to 4 photos on your profile

This allows you to test a lot of things in order to understand the functioning of the dating site for libertines. This opportunity is a real bargain if you are not sure that the dating site is to your liking and that you will find what you are looking for...

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J&M Contact's promotional offers for 7 days, 15 days or 30 days are fake

After your research on the web, you may have found promo codes for 7 days, 15 days or 30 days.
Be aware that these codes are fake, because you already benefit from these offers on the official website of Jacquie et Michel contact.

  • For a Bronze membershipyou benefit from 7 days free.
  • For a Silver membershipyou benefit from 15 days free.
  • For a Gold membershipyou benefit from 30 days free.

The only trial offer that exists, is at the price of 1,94 €/week for a duration of 2 weeks, then you can buy a subscription later if you are interested in the platform.

Jacquie & Michel promo code : not available at the moment

In short, there is only one trial offer: the one to test the platform for 2 weeks at the price of 1,94 € per week, before you decide.
This trial offer allows you to have access to the basic functionalities of the platform, from the profile to the chat through the consultations of profiles, or the request for contact with libertines that you like.

Test, discuss, exchange and if you think the platform is worth it, don't hesitate: buy a subscription and take advantage of all the features that Jacquie et Michel contact offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the platform does not allow the use of promo codes, as there are none available at the moment. We are inquiring about the possible availability of a trial code in the coming moments.

There is a two-week trial offer on the platform, at the price of €1.94/week, so you can test the dating site for libertines.

J&M Contact also offers 7, 15, or 30 days for the purchase of a subscription on the platform. These offers are provided by Jacquie et Michel Contact only.

If you have found a code on the web, it is wrong, because there are no promo codes at this time.

If you want to test the platform first, we advise you to use the trial offer of J&M contact. This will allow you to try out the dating site for libertines for 2 weeks before you decide to buy a subscription.

When your two-week trial ends, your account turns into a free account and you no longer have all the features you had access to before. To get them back, you'll need to purchase a Bronze membership or higher.

Often, these sites offer fabricated or outdated codes. Be aware that it is not possible to use promo codes on the platform.

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