Spa, Sauna & Hammam : The complete guide

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Often people have the image of a libertine club with Spa, Sauna or dirty Hammam, filled with perverts with sadomastical fantasies or others...

And yet, it is quite another thing that happens in these places...

The benevolence, the respect of the others and the acceptance of the others, without judgment, is preponderant in these libertine clubs, and in the universe of the libertinage in general.

A libertine loves sex, of course, but above all he loves desire and the freedom to do with his body what he wants.

We usually think that if we enter a libertine club, we will be obliged to have sexual relations. But this is not true at all!
You can spend your evening doing nothing and watching others have fun.

The libertine sauna clubs or erotic" spas are a good way to experience the world of liberty in relaxation.
The beginners can discover a place of relaxation in complete freedom where nothing is mandatory, but everything is allowed...


It is obvious that you will end up naked for the greediest of you... However, for the more timid, accessories to cover you are available (towels, pareos, bathrobes...).

Don't neglect your outfit when you enter the club!
Just because you're going to be dressed in your best doesn't mean you have to come in your work clothes!
A chic and sexy evening wear is required for access to a libertine sauna.

No ! It is obvious that each person is responsible for his or her own actions and therefore makes his or her own choices.
If you're not ready to engage in sex play yet, you can very well look at and do what is called "voyeurism".

Yes, the entrance is open to all! Whether you are bi, gay, transgender : there is something for everyone...
We advise you to find out about the theme of the evening beforehandbecause of specific topics such as couples evenings, LGBT evenings... can be organized by the establishment.

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The entrance fee depends on the clubsbut generally the price varies from 10 to 70 €..
Depending on the spa, most often, a consumption can be included in the price.

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The first time in a libertine sauna can be a daunting experience for some people. However, there are several ways to prepare and make the experience as enjoyable and relaxed as possible as possible.

Here are some tips that may be helpful:

  • Search and select a sauna that suits you. For that, do not hesitate to inquire about the place beforehand.
  • Choose a chic and sexy outfit to be allowed access to the sauna. You will then be able to change your clothes and take your shower (mandatory) in the changing rooms.
  • Take your time and don't feel pressured to participate to anything that makes you uncomfortable. You can simply watch and observe if you wish.
  • Clearly communicate your boundaries and preferences. If you do not wish to be approached in a sexual way, indicate it clearly in advance! You are not obliged to do anything in the world of libertarianism
  • Remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water while you are in the sauna. Heat and physical activity can be dangerous and can quickly lead to discomfort.

And remember: Relax and have fun!


What can be found in the Saunas and Spas

In the libertine saunas, it is frequent to benefit from bonus services like:

  • a jacuzzi (most of the time you could not "cuddle" in it for hygienic reasons)
  • a service for eating and drinking
  • rooms (for more privacy...)
  • a swimming pool (when the weather is good)
  • an outdoor bar
  • deckchairs...

How does a libertine spa work?

One thing is sure, in a libertine sauna or libertine steam room, the finality will be the outfit of Adam and Eve...

But, for the others who will be more shy, towels, pareos or other items are available in most of these "erotic" saunas.

Attention, saunas libertines does not mean neglecting the dress to enter the club. As any private club, you are required to adopt a proper dress.

Here are some rules of good conduct:

Respect and impeccable behavior

In the libertine saunas, everyone is subject to the same rules of propriety than in a libertine club.

We remind you of some important rules:

  1. Have the consent of his/her partner for sexual relations
  2. Respect the other libertines present at the evening
  3. Respect the discretion and anonymity of everyone
  5. Be open-minded
  6. Choose a chic and sexy outfit!
  7. If you are bothered by a libertine, please contact the staff of the evening (the goal is for everyone to feel safe)
  8. A libertine evening does not mean sex in plain sight! If you want intimacy with your partner, it is possible to put yourself in a "cuddle corner". closed so as not to be disturbed.

Discretion and anonymity

In the libertine world, discretion and anonymity are important aspects for everyone in the world of liberty.
You probably don't want your colleagues or family to see you in these places...

That's why phones, photos and videos are prohibited in these private areas or gender is predominant.
Our goal is to protect the privacy of everyone without impacting their professional and personal relationships...

Everyone will be able to express their sexuality as they see fit without fear of consequences.

Hygiene and cleanliness

Hygiene is at the heart of the discussion regarding liberty clubs, and especially liberty spas.

It goes without saying that the shower remains mandatory for the hygiene and safety of everyone, especially in a libertine sauna club. Showers are available whether in the locker rooms or inside the libertine spas.
Free condoms are available of all. We advise you to take advantage of it to protect yourself and your partner...
Outside clothing inside the club is strictly forbidden for hygienic reasons.
But for the most modest of you, don't worry! Each libertine sauna has its own solution: towels, pareos, bathrobes are at your disposal for the comfort of everyone.

The pools of the liberty spas are under permanent control and treated.
The chlorine treatment must respect regulations in force.
Most often, you will be able to to find at the entrance of the club sauna libertin the results of analyses of the control of water.

Consent: You are not obligated to do anything

The gender is an important part of the atmosphere in a libertine saunaThis does not mean that you will be forced to participate in sexual activities if you do not want to.
Like any libertine club, or any other sexual relationship, you are free to do what you want!

Watching is also a way to get familiar with the world of libertarianism in order to get an idea of it.
Then you are free to take sides and indulge in more fun...

You are the only one to decide, your consent is essential.

This is highly respected in libertine clubs, as it is the first thing that can put off newcomers to the world of libertarianism.
The staff is attentive if any problems arise, or if a person has been disrespectful or has acted inappropriately.


Open to everyone: straight, gay, trans... LGBT

The world of libertarianism in general is a an open and tolerant environment that welcomes all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. Whether we are talking about libertine clubs, private parties or in the case of this article, libertine spas and steam rooms, these are places where everyone is welcomewhether they are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or transgender.

Libertarianism emphasizes pleasure and mutual respectThis means that everyone is invited to participate, regardless of his or her sexual tastes and preferences. People who frequent the libertine world are open-minded and tolerant, and they are willing to accept and respect all sexual orientations.

In a libertine sauna club, you can then find theme nights like: bi women's night, gay women's night, couples and single women's night... So you will not be in shortage whatever your sexual desires and desires...

What you can do before you go to your libertine spa

First and foremost, it is important to inform you about the place of the libertine spa.
We advise you to look at the pictures of the place whether on Google or on social networks.

Visit the premises, speak with the managers

If you are still hesitant about the establishment or new to the world of liberty, you can always inquire at the facility itself.
So don't hesitate to callYou can ask all your questions about the establishment itself, about the type of parties, or about the world of libertarianism.

For the most fearful among you, we advise you to make a visit of the place to give you an idea of the atmosphere that reigns there, and to meet the managers.

Find out about the notoriety of the libertine sauna club through the Internet or acquaintances

To help you make your own opinion on the establishment in questionWe advise you to take note:

  • From Google reviewsand on the school's website, as well as on social networks.
  • Check the return of the libertine communityyou can find reviews on libertarian networks as WYYLDE or NOUSLIB.
  • Ask a friend: word of mouth is a great way to find out more. If someone you know has experienced the place, don't hesitate to ask for feedback on the experience that he has lived.

Spa, Hammams, Saunas, Clubs: All the means are good to treat yourself

The libertine sauna clubs are a good way to increase the desire. Between warmth, soft lights and sexual tension, libertine spas are a place that combines pleasure and relaxation...

If you prefer to dance on a dance floor while combining excitement and humidity surrounded by hot libertines, the best way is to visit a libertine club with a swimming pool.

You can find at the libertine club La Lanterne outdoor beds to enjoy all the pleasures (and be even more wet ...). Otherwise, here are our events and parties to have fun between naughty people...

Article written by Tony Cash

Through the years, I have acquired a significant experience in the world of libertinage and swinging. I decided to share my knowledge and experiences through the blog of our libertine club located in Aix-en-Provence: "La Lanterne".

I want to offer accurate and reliable information for you to discover new ways to have fun and connect with your partner. I am a true enthusiast and very happy to help people explore their sexuality in a responsible and consensual way!

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