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Jacquie and Michel Black is one of the most popular dating sites for meeting men and women of color.
It is very popular thanks to its number of usersThere are approximately 130,000 visits per month, including 52 % of women and 48 % of men. Its ease of use and its accessibility, is also an aspect loved by users, because it is access on the desires of each, whether for one night stands or serious encounters.

The dating site is also recognized thanks to the fame of the porn site known by all the French: Jacquie et Michel and its dating site J&M Contact. This makes it a dating site widely used to contact black women and men and enjoying life, whether it be for one night stands or for a long-term relationship...

The platform is known to be a place where you can find a particular type of profile : of women and men with black skin, wanting to enjoy their sexuality as they see fitwhether it's for sex or something more serious.

The particularity of J&M Black is that this site is a dating site focused on Black women and men. But there is also a great diversity of profiles between seniors, libertines and singles to satisfy all tastes in pleasure and XXL encounters!

This article will tell you everything about this dating site:

  • How it works,
  • Its use,
  • The price of subscriptions,
  • The opinion of real users on the service.

We will also compare this platform with its competitors and alternatives in order to give an opinion on the most suitable dating site for everyone's needs, as well as bonus information like advice. 

Our opinion on Jacquie et Michel Black

As a libertine club, we have tested several dating sites for meet men and women of color and we found that Jacquie and Michel Black is quite easy to use.
However, we were only able to test a part of the site's functionalities because we did not subscribe to the platform.

Despite this, we can tell you about feature benefits that we were able to observe. First of all, the site offers a efficient matchmaking system that allows you to quickly find people who share your the same interests than you do. In addition, the platform has a user-friendly and intuitive interfacewhich makes it much easier to navigate the site.
Whether you like books, walks in the forest, or other, you can find people who have the same interests as you.
But not only... your sexual practices and orientation may also be a criterion for find the right person for you really.

In addition, Jacquie et Michel Black also offers live chat features that allow you to communicate in real time with other members. This can be very helpful in establishing contacts and organize meetings. In addition, the site also has features of verification of identity to ensure member security and protect personal information.

While we haven't been able to test the full functionality of the site, we've been impressed with what we've seen so far.

As for the subscription, it is not very expensive. If you plans to use Jacquie et Michel Black for a while, it is wise to opt for a Gold subscriptionwhich will be more financially advantageousIt can be paid yearly or monthly.
You also have the possibility to test this one before subscribing to a monthly subscription, thanks to the trial offer proposed by the platform.

Whether you are looking for pleasure, seriousness or even to meet people without particular desires, Jacquie et Michel Cougars is the dating site tested by us!

jetmcontact logo 150

All Jacquie & Michel Rencontres websites...


To go further on Jacquie et Michel : Promo code – Log in to your accountMobile application

What is "J&M Black"?

Jacquie and Michel Black is a dating site to find black skinned men and women wanting to enjoy their sexuality, or to meet people without a specific purpose. The advantage is that l'registration to this dating site is freeWhether you are a man or a woman.

It allows everyone to find what they are looking for: sexual relations with black men and women, serious dating, or simply meet people who share the same interests as you...

On the dating platform, you can chat online with other members by catwhen you register. You will also be able to fill in your profile information, including your weight, height...

If you are wondering where meet black men and women for you entertain tonight, or for a lifetimethis dating site is for you.

Prices and Subscription Rates

Jacquie and Michel Black operates on a subscription basis from 31,99€ à 49,94€ per month with several different benefits depending on your subscription:

Bronze Membership


7 days free

  • Benefits for a 1 month prepaid commitment
  • 10 top placements
  • Unlimited access to webcam chat between fans
  • Unlimited message playback
  • Unlimited fan to fan messaging
  • 5 contact requests per day
  • Unlimited profile viewing
  • Access to customer service
  • Up to 4 photos on your profile

Silver Subscription

Instead of 50,00€.

15 days free

  • Benefits for a 2-month prepaid commitment
  • 20 placements at the top of the ranking
  • Unlimited access to webcam chat between fans
  • Unlimited message playback
  • Unlimited fan to fan messaging
  • 5 contact requests per day
  • Unlimited profile viewing
  • Access to customer service
  • Up to 6 photos on your profile
  • Surprise gift worth 74.97 €.

Gold Membership

Instead of 55,00€.

30 days free

  • Benefits for a 3-month prepaid commitment
  • 30 placements at the top of the ranking
  • Unlimited access to the Webcam chat between members
  • Unlimited text messaging
  • Unlimited text message reading
  • Unlimited contact request
  • Unlimited profile viewing
  • Access to customer service
  • Up to 8 photos on your profile
  • Priority validation of your profile
  • Surprise gift worth 107.94 €.

Good to know: The subscription is non-binding and you can unsubscribe in one click from your account settings.

jacquie michel subscriptions rates cost price 0 offer promo code discovery
jacquie michel subscriptions rates cost price 1 7 days
jacquie michel subscriptions rates cost price 3 30 days
jacquie michel subscriptions rates cost price 2 15 days

Trial offer to test Jacquie et Michel Black : 2 weeks of premium for 4€.

If you wish to test before taking your subscription, you can use a trial offer from J&M Black, for a 2 weeks trial period at 1,94 €/week : to be selected when choosing your subscription on your Jacquie et Michel Black account.


Jacquie et Michel Black features

J&M Black offers many features to find happiness on the platform and take pleasure without headache, whether for a serious meeting or other ...

Here are all the features available:


Webcam Tool

Appreciated by the libertine community for doing naughty things live.

This feature is very appreciated by women in particular, as it is a guarantee of a "certified" profile. They will be able to see who they are chatting with live. This avoids the encounter with fake accounts...


Advanced search

It is a filter system often present in all dating sites, J&M Cougars has focused this search filter on the theme of what you are looking for in a person, such as his weight, height, hobbies, what he/she likes...

This feature will allow you to find only profiles that interest you.

Nudity Filter and Photo Permissions

It is possible for women who have an account to activate a nudity filter so that they do not see a profile picture that is too "intimate".

Conversely, it is also possible to select the profiles that will be able to see your intimate photos.



The "Kiss" on J&M Black is equivalent to a "like", as can be found on many dating sites.

It will allow you to let the person know that you are interested.



The Fanbox is a section where you can find all the profiles that have liked you, but also what YOU have liked.

Jacquie et Michel : Fans' messages


In the messages section, you will be able to find the messages of your "Fans" (the profiles that have liked you), as well as your conversations.

Jacquie et Michel contact : Fanlist


The Fanlist contains all your " Fans ", those who have Kissed you (liked you). You can accept or decline the Kiss in this section.

Afterwards, it is possible to send a message or a "Kiss" in return to the person concerned.



Visits include profiles of other members who have seen your profile.

Here you can know who liked you or not, represented by a thumb "👍". You can also send them a little Kiss or other to let them know you are attracted to them...

Thanks to these features, J&M Black offers to its members the possibility to meet black women or men, with whom you can communicate, and more if affinity...

How to register and connect to Jacquie et Michel Black?

The access to the site can be done directly from an internet browser thanks to your computer. However, there is no application J&M Black to date. To compensate, J&M Black has a completely adapted version of its site, with a mobile format.

Steps to create an account

  1. Go to : Jacquie & Michel Black and click on " Join us
  2. Start the registration process by answering the questions (they will be used to fill your profile and propose you relevant lovers)
  3. Fill in your information (username, email, password, etc.) in order to log in to the account.
  4. You now have a Jacquie and Michel Black account ! Now you are free to use the 2 weeks trial offer of J&M Black to test the entire dating site before you subscribe.
bann wyylde live

Tips for using Jacquie et Michel Black

To get started on J&M BlackHere are 4 essential tips:

  1. Put a nice profile picture (and avoid showing your penis in close-up, a sexy photo without showing too much will force others to want to discover you)
  2. Write a description that is appealing and representative of you Who are you? Why are you on J&M Black? What are your desires?
  3. Be honest and don't tell lies. In short, be yourself and express YOUR desires.
  4. Respect other membersIt is essential to exchange in all serenity!

While this may make sense to some, others don't have the proper manners when they register on a dating site...
A little reminder never hurts 😉

Jacquie et Michel Black : Registration 4

How to use J&M Black for sex?

For good use the dating site to find black women and menThe best way is to use all the features.

You can also express your desires, say what you are looking for on the site, use the option of refining profiles, so that the platform offers you only profiles that interest you!

Use the advanced search

As we have seen, if you are looking for a particular relationship on this dating site, it is not a problem!
You can easily make a search by physical feature (weight, height, eye color... ), family situationor by similarity with what you like  (hobbies, character, sexual orientation...) thanks to the proposed filters.


Define your desires and research

To find THE profile that suits you, you have the choice between the location and distance of the profiles that the site can offer you and the "desires" which are based on the age and size of the profiles. 


Participate in libertine parties and private events

You can also find private events or libertine parties in the biggest liberty clubs in France as La Lanterne :

Jacquie et Michel Black is a scam?

It is difficult to say if J and M Black is a scam. Indeed, the dating site to find black men and women has not enough user reviews to say that this dating site is a "safe" site.

However, after our test, we can say that the dating site J&M Black, is easy to use, and will be able to satisfy the needs and desires of everyone.

Please note that it is important to remember that online dating can be risky and that you should always be vigilant when communicating with people you don't know. It is also recommended that you read the site's terms of use and privacy policy before to register, to ensure that you have the necessary understand how your information will be used and shared.

You will find a atmosphere of desire and sympathy at its best with :

  • 130,000 visits per month
  • 52 % of women
  • 48 % of men

A great way to enjoy yourself and share good times!

User reviews of Jacquie et Michel Black

Jacquie and Michel Black, does not have any real user reviews yetbecause too recent and too "nested on people of color, so very few reviews on this dating site.

However, Jacquie et Michel Contact as for him has noticeswhich you can find on Trustpilot.

Here is an excerpt:

Top site, many naughty women!

A complete site, a lot of naughty snap to see, open women looking for the same thing as me, no hypocrisy! No equivalent in France, I highly recommend it !

5/5 by Grgb on TrustPilot
Date of Experience:
October 03, 2022

I agree with the many comments...

I agree with the many comments about fake dating on Jacquie et Michel. Lots of likes and never one that communicates....c is shady...on the other hand, I exercised my right of withdrawal of 14 days (look in cgu) before the date, I was reimbursed and my contract was canceled...nothing to say about it

2/5 by Guest on Trustpilot
Date of Experience: October 25, 2021


Site froduleux has wish! They entice you with a subscription to 2e for a short time but you are debited directly of 30e with a minimum waiting period to unsubscribe. Moreover, to do this you must first cancel the premium benefits in the settings and then log in within the period of days they will give you to permanently delete your account. I also see that they respond to every comment as if the support was listening and responsive, do not be fooled it is only a scammer who knows his business. A large majority of the profiles are without photo or do not give any answer. Thieves

by Julien on 31/10/2022 on Truspilot


A diversified libertine community and safe from fake profiles

On dating sites and libertine sites, false profiles are a plague often badly managed by moderators. But on Jacquie and Michel BlackFor the greatest happiness of the libertines, it is another story.

The site contains a minority of false profiles, the paid subscription curbs fake profiles, and it is also often moderate by the team itself.

However, no one is safe from encountering a fake profile. That's why J&M Black makes every effort to avoid false profileswith several features such as the webcam system that allows you to see the person liveand the many filters available: photo authorization, advanced searches, nudity filter...

The community is very diversifiedYou can therefore find people of all age groups, but also of all races. social categories or sexual orientations (Gay, Trans, Bi, LGBT...)

J et M Black has nothing to envy to other sites in terms of quality !

Competitors and alternatives of sites for lovers like J&M Black :

The market leader!

wyylde logo

Wyylde is a very popular libertine network thanks to its large number of users, its ease of use and its accessibility. This platform is considered as a direct competitor for all the libertine dating sites.

All kinds of content can be found on Wyylde, from photos to videos, Facebook-like statuses and pages for professionals. Users can also meet others and interact in real time on the webcam and chat rooms.

Place libertine: a serious competitor

place libertine logo

Place libertine is very active: it has more than 2 million subscribers and about 70,000 people connected every day. It also has over 200 partner clubs and saunas.

Place Libertine also offers classic features such as instant messaging, live webcam shows, internal messaging, verified profiles with photos and videos, and a geolocation search system.

NousLibertins : a correct alternative

nouslib logo

Welibertins is a swinger and mixer site that allows users to register for free to enjoy some services before subscribing. With a community of 2 million swingers, the site offers innovative features like Speed Sex Dating.

NousLibertins is also available in phone and tablet versions. Register on Nouslib!


libertic logo

Libertic is a similar site to Wyylde in terms of features, but it has fewer members (500,000) for several reasons: its subscriptions are more expensive, there are fewer features and the profiles are less detailed. Comparing the two sites, we can conclude that Wyylde is a better option.

RDV Libertin : very average

RDV Libertin logo

The site RDVlibertin is a lesser known swinger site that offers free registration. It has less features than other similar sites. However, it has the advantage of having a nice design and ergonomics.

To register, you just have to create a pseudo, to inform your age and to define your region. The site will then propose you a list of members in the vicinity to facilitate the libertine meetings.

The little extras of Jacquie et Michel Black

Jacquie and Michel Black benefits from the notoriety of its website known by all the French, as well as its dating site for libertines of all kinds: Jacquie et Michel contact. Thanks to this image already focused on sex and liberty, J&M Black has a large number of users.

For the record, jm-blackwas created in 2018. It is therefore quite recent, and is one of the many dating sites of Jacquie et Michel.

You can also find Jacquie et Michel on social networks:

Conclusion on the dating site Jacquie et Michel Black

Jacquie and Michel Black, is a dating site specialized on a particular category of people: men and women of color.
The dating site will then only address to men and women who love people of coloras well as to women and men who meet these criteria.

Although the dating site is "stamped" Jacquie et Michel, it is not only about sex on this site. Indeed, You may also come across members looking for a serious relationship, or simply to chat, without necessarily a specific goal.

For more information You can contact us via our contact page or by commenting directly under this article so that we can answer you.

Jacquie and Michel Black's Q Fair

My account

For connect to Jacquie et Michel Black from any browser, you must :

  1. Go to Jacquie et Michel Black's homepage
  2. Click on the button " Connection "located at the top right of the screen
  3. Enter your Username and Password
  4. Click on the button " Connection "Click on the button below your password.

And now you are connected to Jacquie et Michel Black ! You can browse the website and access your profile.

Here is the procedure to follow in order to terminate your subscription :

  1. Click on your profile picture
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Click on Subscription
  4. Click on End my Premium Benefits'.

For delete your account :

  1. Connect to the J&M Black website
  2. Click on your profile picture
  3. Click on My Account
  4. In the section Parameters'.click on Unsubscribe'..

Of course, it is always possible to change the style of profiles that you would like to meet according to your wishes !

You just have to modify the search filters, in the section " My profile " and " I would like to meet" .

You can also change your information on your profileto attract members to the site.

Subscription and payments

Yes, registration at J&M Black is 100% free.

However, if you want to use the dating site to meet black men and womenIf you want to use a free account, we advise you to pay a subscription, because it is true that you do not benefit from the whole site with a free account.

It is possible to be reimbursedOnly according to specific criteria.

To know the terms of reimbursement, you will have to contact the Customer Service via the contact form present on the heading " Help " of the site.

We remind you that theregistration to Jacquie and Michel Black is TOTALLY FREE.

The subscriptions will allow you to have access to certain unlimited site features.
The subscription on J&M Black is without commitmentYou can cancel it whenever you want.

There are 3 formulas with different rates:

  • BRONZE subscription: 49.99/month
  • SILVER subscription : 31.99/month 
  • Gold subscription: 32.99/month

And you can have a 2 week trial offer at a cost of 1,94€/week.

It is possible to use a free version of J&M Blackbut it will not be complete. Some features will be prohibited, and limited if you use it as a free account.

We advise you to take out a subscription in order to enjoy the site in its entirety.

Unfortunately, there are no no promo code J&M Black to date...

But the platform offers you offers depending on the subscription :

  • For a BRONZE Membership : 7 days free.
  • For a SILVER Subscription : 31,99/month instead of 50€ = 15 days free.
  • For a Gold Membership : 32,99/month instead of 55€ = 30 days free. 

Or thetrial offer available for 2 weeks.

Operation, tips and miscellaneous

To add a profile picture to your account:

  1. Connect to your J&M Black account and click on your nickname at the top of the page.
  2. Click on " My profile" and then on " Edit" .
  3. You can then choose a photo that represents you, and that respects the rules imposed by the site.

Rules to follow for a compliant profile photo:

  • No photos with children and minors under 18 years old.
  • No landscape photos, your face must be visible.
  • No object photo, your face must be visible.

Quick tip: Some may remain " Private "You can also set it as the main photo.

When a subscription ends, it is still possible for the recipient to receive messages, so you can still send them.
On the other hand, if the person has deleted their account... You will unfortunately no longer be able to access it and therefore send them messages at the same time.

You can select the profiles that will have the chance to see your naughty pictures 🔥

To do this, simply go to the " Fanbox" Click on the arrow (next to Kiss) of a particular profile, and click on " Private photo authorizations" .

Afterwards, the selected profile will have access to your private photos.

To find all the profiles authorized to see your most intimate photos, just go to the " My activity on the site" and then on " Photo authorizations" .

It's very simple, just go to your conversation and go to the tab " Images ".

You can then share your hottest photos 🔥

The webcam function is present in all your conversations about J&M Black. Just click on the video icon to activate your webcam and chat live with the person.

On the member's profile, in the chat or messaging system, you can click on : " Report abuse "which will allow J&M Black to know that this member is behaving inappropriately on their network, in order to take appropriate action afterwards.

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