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Jacquie and Michel Adultery is one of the most popular dating sites in the world of extramarital affairs.

With approximately 200,000 registered membersincluding 60 % of womenthis dating site for married people without taboos is very popular. And for good reason, it is easy to use and accessible while guaranteeing a total discretion for all users.

The site benefits froma big name in the field of sexJaquie and Michel, known nationally at this time.
J&M Adultery is a place where you can find a profile type very particular: married men and women who want to enjoy their sexuality in complete freedom, or single people who would like to have relationships with these married people.

The platform offers a great diversity of profiles for satisfy all tastes and desires.
As for all these other dating sites "made in Jacquie et Michel", There are many sexual orientations and practices on what you like and are looking for.

In this article, we will reveal all the secrets of Jacquie and Michel Adultery: how it works, how to use it, the price of subscriptions as well as users' opinions on the service.

We will also compare this platform with its competitors and alternatives to help you choose the best dating site for your needs, while providing you with useful tips to maximize your chances of finding your next extra-marital affair.

Our opinion on Jacquie et Michel Adultere

No, it is not a taboo to look for married men or women for an adulterous relationship.
Don't worry, you are not alone!

And we saw it well thanks to our test of the dating site Jacquie and Michel Adultere. We could only test the site on the surface, thanks to the many free features that the platform offers.

What we liked best about this site is the very open-minded community who is there, no one hides their status and is comfortable talking about it.

As well as the functionality of the search criteria who can help you to find someone close to you, who you like and with the same desires as you.

Whether you are looking for pleasure while being discreet from your husband or wife, Jacquie et Michel Adultere is the dating site tested and approved by us!

jm date logo

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To go further on Jacquie et Michel : Promo code – Log in to your accountMobile application

What is "J&M Adultere"?

If you are looking for a dating site to find married partners, then Jacquie and Michel Adultere is for you!

With a free registrationyou can easily find people who share your sexual interestsand this is exactly what the platform offers.

The purpose of this dating site is to offer its users sexual relationships (or not) without headacheswith members who are looking for the same thing as you: naughty adventures with married people.

You can also chat online with other members when you register, and fill in your profile with your sexual preferences to indicate your preferences.

Sign up now and start exploring the exciting possibilities that Jacquie & Michel Adultere has to offer.

Prices and Subscription Rates

Jacquie and Michel Adultere offers a monthly subscription with different benefits depending on the formula chosen. Prices range from €21.99 to €49.94 per month.

  • A surprise gift!
  • Unlimited member-to-member chat
  • Unlimited reading and sending of messages
  • Speedflirt Premium
  • Unlimited profile viewing
  • Priority validation of your profile
  • Access to customer service

6 months

21,99€ a total of €131.94

3 months

26,83€ a total of €80.50

1 month

49,94€ or €1.66/day

Trial offer to test Jacquie et Michel Adultere at 2 euros/week (almost free!)

If you want to test J&M Adultere before subscribing, you can take advantage of a 2-week trial offer at €1.94/week.

To take advantage of this, simply select this option when choosing your subscription on your Jacquie et Michel Adultere account.


The features of J et M Adultere

J&M Adultere offers many features to find happiness on the platform and take pleasure without headache, whether for a serious meeting or other ...

Although the " Swipe "J&M Adultere is a very basic dating site and is typical of all dating sites nowadays. J&M Adultere has other useful features for finding adulterers.

Here are all the features available:


Webcam Tool

One of the most popular features of this site is live webcamwhich allows members to engage in naughty activities with genuine people.
This option is particularly popular with women, as it guarantees that their partner's profile is "certified.

No more fake accounts that can spoil the most intimate meetings!


The search filter

By using the "Search Filter" feature of J&M Adultery, you can filter profiles based on criteria such as age, height and distance from you.
This way, you are sure to find only people who really interest you and who are close to you, which saves you time and allows you to find partners according to your criteria.


Photo filter

Ladies, we attach great importance to your comfort and tranquility. That's why, on J&M Adultere, we have set up a photo filter that will allow you to avoid seeing photos that are too daring during your search for naughty partners.


Access to private photos

You will be able to choose the profiles that will have the privilege to see your most intimate photos in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Your safety and discretion are our top priority!



The "Snap" feature of J&M-Adulty allows you to send photos (naughty or not...) in an ephemeral way on the platform.

Their lifespan is only a few seconds, then launch you for a naughty photo history to spice up even more your exchanges, if you wish it...



In the messages section, find all your conversations and messages from members who have contacted you.
Feel free to initiate the first message, be naughty...


Close to me

This section will allow you to find all the members of jm-adultere near you for a little more spice...


Profiles seen

Find all the profiles you have visited, in order to initiate a first step...


My selection

Find all the profiles you like at a glance!
An opportunity for you to initiate a conversation with someone you like...


Last connections

Thanks to this feature, you will be able to see the latest users of the dating site who have logged in.
It is very useful to initiate a quick first contact, and your target will surely notice you faster if he is connected...


New members

The "New Members" feature on the J&M-Adulty dating site allows you to discover the profiles recently registered on the platform. This is an excellent opportunity to be among the first to get in touch with these new members and thus increase your chances of finding naughty partners...
So, push your luck, and contact them!


My matches

Find all the profiles that also like you!
You like each other, so why not start this adventure...


Second chance

Have you passed a "nugget" too quickly?
Don't worry, the "Second Chance" feature is there!
It's up to you to decide if you want to give him a chance or not...



Find your secret admirers in this section!
The ball is in your court...


Who saw my profile

All the profiles that are a bit curious about you are here!
It's up to you to be one too...

News feed

Find out all the real-time news about the profiles on the site!
In this section you'll find: those you might like, those currently online, new member photos, and profiles with the age range you're looking for...

Thanks to these features, J&M Adultere offers to its members the possibility to meet married women or men, with whom you can communicate, and more if affinity...

How to register and connect to Jacquie et Michel Adultere?

You can access the J&M Adultere website directly from a web browser on your computer. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated application for J&M Adultere yet.

Too bad there is no dedicated app for your phone yet, but don't panic! The site is fully adapted for mobile use.

Steps to create an account

  1. Go toJacquie and Michel Adultery then click on " Join us
  2. Start the registration process by answering the questions (they will be used to fill your profile and propose you relevant lovers)
  3. Fill in your information (username, email, password, etc.) in order to log in to the account.
  4. You now have an account Jacquie and Michel Adultere ! You are now free to take advantage of J&M Adultere's 2-week trial offer to test the entire dating site before you subscribe.

Tips for using Jacquie et Michel Adultere

Here are 4 tips for get started on J&M Adultere :

1. Choose an attractive profile picture, but avoid showing your junk in close-up. A sexy photo that arouses curiosity is much more effective.
2. Write a description that represents you well: who are you, why are you here and what are your desires? Be honest, it's important.
3. Don't lie on your profile, be yourself and express your true desires. This is the key to meeting people who are right for you.
4. Respect the other members, be courteous and don't be too direct from the first message. We're here to have fun, not to get into trouble!

Basically, a little good manners never hurts on a dating site.

jacquie-and-michel-adultere-registration 8
Jacquie et Michel Adultere : Registration 8

How to use J&M Adultere for sex?

To maximize your chances of find gaming partners on J&M Adultere, you should not hesitate to use all the features at your disposal.

Talk about your desires, clearly display what you are looking for on the site, and don't forget to use the profile refining option to see only the profiles that best match you.

Define your desires and research

To put all the chances on your side to find the ideal profile, J&M Adultere offers you the choice between two options:

  • The search by location and distance of the proposed profiles: perfect for adventurers wishing to find partners close to home or at the other end of the world!
  • Desires": an option based on the age and size of the profiles, for those who have specific criteria.

It's up to you to find that special someone!


Participate in libertine parties and private events

You can also find private events or libertine parties in the biggest liberty clubs in France as La Lanterne :

Is Jacquie et Michel Adultere a reliable site?

We know that many of you are wondering if J&M Adultery is a reliable dating site.
We've listened and we've investigated. It's true that many opinions are unhappy, particularly with the profiles on the site.

We have learned from the moderation team itself that J&M makes a real check on profiles present on the site. Aantispam is also carried out by our teams, and by site users using the " Report this profile" .

Let's be honest, there are always risks when online dating, so it's important to remain vigilant and take some precautions before registering on a dating site. Take the time to read the terms of use and privacy policy to find out how your information will be used.

And as a libertarian community, it's important to be discreet and careful!

With 200,000 registered memberss, 1.2 million visits per month and 60% of women, the atmosphere of desire and pleasure is at its peak!

What to spend good times and have fun!

User reviews of Jacquie et Michel Adultere

The dating site Jacquie and Michel Adultere is still not well known by users, as it targets mainly married men and women. Therefore, there are very few reviews from real users available at the moment.

On the other hand, Jacquie et Michel Contact which is much more generic, has reviews on Trustpilot that you can consult.

Here is an excerpt:

We know why we come here!

We know why we come here, and I am not disappointed. Moreover the private photos side allows to surf in all discretion. The women are numerous and playful, the daily snaps are a treat for the eyes and facilitate the contact. I love it, I love it !

5/5 by Gaet Rbrg on TrustPilot
Date of Experience:
 December 01, 2022

It deserves zero stars for the reasons...

It deserves zero stars for the following reasons:
- Cancellation is only possible after 72 hours
- 8 steps to cancel, only 1 to subscribe
- I get a lot of boilerplate sentences and then nothing (robot?)
- Many profiles without a photo
- No interaction with real people

Response to JM date:

1. How many people read the TOS?

2. The indicated deadlines are not respected. I quote "you have a period of fourteen clear days from the date of subscription to exercise your right of withdrawal". I quote "You have the possibility to terminate this renewal "... "no later than seventy-two (72) hours before the end of the subscription period." -> the person who wants to cancel between the 12th and 14th day sees his renewal automatically renewed.

3. Bravo for turning the tables on the incomplete profile. I quote "We invite you to complete your profile to the maximum". I answer you that it was completed and with a photo.

4. I quote: "We wish you to meet nice people on our site! I answer that this is impossible. Too many fake profiles.

1/5 by J'ai testé pour vous on Trustpilot
Date of Experience: April 17, 2023

Only fake profiles

Only fake profiles! Or profiles at the other end of France. Run away !

1/5 by Dd Gg on Truspilot
Date of Experience: March 21, 2023


A diversified libertine community and safe from fake profiles

On Jacquie and Michel AdulteryYou can rest assured that there will be no unpleasant surprises with fake profiles! Indeed, the site has a well-tried system to fight against this plague.

The moderators are very vigilant and do not let anything pass. Moreover, the paid subscription allows to limit the appearance of these false profiles, because the scammers generally prefer the free sites.

And for even more security, you can use the many features of the site such as the webcam system or the advanced search filters.

At J&M Adultere, you can concentrate on what's important: finding partners to share naughty moments in peace!

Competitors and alternatives of sites for lovers like J&M Adultere :

The market leader!

wyylde logo

Wyylde  is THE most popular libertine network of the moment!

With an unbeatable ease of use and accessibility, it has become the direct competitor of all other dating sites.

Here you can find all kinds of naughty content, from photos to videos to Facebook-like statuses. But that's not all! You can also meet other people and interact in real time on the webcam and chat rooms.

In short, on Wyylde, the only limit is your imagination (and the charter of good conduct, of course).

Place libertine: a serious competitor

place libertine logo

Place libertine is very active: it has more than 2 million subscribers and about 70,000 people connected every day. It also has over 200 partner clubs and saunas.

Place Libertine also offers classic features such as instant messaging, live webcam shows, internal messaging, verified profiles with photos and videos, and a geolocation search system.

NousLibertins : a correct alternative

nouslib logo

Want to spice up your life? Are you looking for a libertine site with a large community and naughty features? Then WeLibertins is for you!

With 2 million members, this swingers and mixers dating site offers free services to start exploring the world of libertarianism. And if you want to go further, the subscription gives you access to innovative features like Speed Sex Dating. And to top it all off, NousLibertins is available in mobile version so you can meet people wherever you are.

So don't hesitate, sign up on Nouslib !


libertic logo

Libertic is a similar site to Wyylde in terms of features, but it has fewer members (500,000) for several reasons: its subscriptions are more expensive, there are fewer features and the profiles are less detailed. Comparing the two sites, we can conclude that Wyylde is a better option.

RDV Libertin : very average

RDV Libertin logo

RDVlibertin is a swinger site that may be less known, but don't underestimate it! With its free registration and nice design, it offers a simple and friendly user experience.

After choosing a nickname and entering your age and region, the site will present you with profiles of members near you to facilitate libertine encounters.

Although it offers fewer features than other similar sites, RDVlibertin is still an interesting choice for those looking for an easy and accessible libertine experience.

The little extras of Jacquie et Michel Adultere

Jacquie and Michel Adultere J&M Adultere benefits from the reputation of Jacquie et Michel, a well known name in the field of sex and libertinage in France. Thanks to this image already very centered on sexuality and libertine pleasures, J&M Adultere as well as the other dating sites made in Jacquie et Michel, benefits from a large community of users.

For the record, jm-Adulterewas created in 2015. So it is one of the many Jacquie et Michel dating sites that has the most visitors.

You can also find Jacquie et Michel on social networks:

Conclusion on the dating site for libertines Jacquie et Michel Adultere

Jacquie and Michel Adultere, is a dating site specialized on a particular category of people: married women and men.

Thanks to its image already focused on sex, J&M Adultere is a recognized site for married men and women wishing to have sex without taboos and in complete discretion.

If you need more information, feel free to contact us via our dedicated page or comment directly below this article. We will be happy to answer you!

The Q Fair of Jacquie and Michel Adultere

My account

To access Jacquie and Michel Adultere from any browser, just follow these steps:

1. Go to Jacquie et Michel Adultere's homepage.
2. Click on the " Connection You can also click on the button " in the upper right corner of the screen.
3. Enter your Username and Password.
4. Click on the " Connection You will find the "Password" field below your password.

That's it! You are now connected to Jacquie et Michel Adultere.
You can browse the site and access your profile.

Here are the steps to follow to cancel your subscription:

  1. Click on your profile picture.
  2. Select the option " My Account" .
  3. Go to the " Subscription" .
  4. Click on the button " Terminate my Premium Benefits" .

Here are the steps to follow to delete your account on J&M Adultere:

  1. Connect to the J&M Adultere website
  2. Click on your profile picture
  3. Click on My Account
  4. In the section Parameters'.click on Unsubscribe'..

It is possible to change the type of profiles you want to meet according to your desires on the site.

To do so, you just have to modify the search filters in the " My profile " and " I would like to meet" .

You can also change your profile information to attract other members to the site.

Subscription and payments

Registration on J&M Adultere is completely free!

However, if you wish to use the site to meet married women, we recommend you to subscribe to a paid membership.

With a free account, you won't have access to all the features of the site. It would be a shame to miss this...

The reimbursement is possiblebut only under specific conditions.

If you wish to obtain information on the terms of reimbursement, you must contact the Customer Service by using the contact form available in the section " Help " of the site.

We would like to remind you that registration to Jacquie et Michel Adultere is completely free.

Subscriptions give you access to certain unlimited features of the site.
The subscription is without commitment, so you can cancel it at any time.

There are three subscription packages available, each with different rates:

  • Bronze subscription : 49,99€/month
  • Silver subscription: 31,99€/month
  • Gold subscription : 32,99€/month

In addition, a two-week trial offer is also available for €1.94/week. So why not take advantage of it?

There is a free version of J&M Adulterebut it is incomplete and some features are reserved for paying subscribers.

If you use a free account, you will be limited in the use of the site.
We recommend that you take out a subscription to enjoy all the features of J&M Adultere.

Currently, there are no promo codes available for J&M Adultere !
However, the platform proposes offers according to the chosen subscription:
- For a Bronze Membership: 7 days free
- For a Silver Subscription : 31,99€/month instead of 50€, that is 15 days free
- For a Gold Subscription: 32,99€/month instead of 55€, that is 30 days free
It is also possible to benefit from a two-week trial offer at a reduced rate.

Operation, tips and miscellaneous

Here are the steps to follow to add a profile picture on your J&M Adultere account :

  1. Log in to your account and click on your nickname at the top of the page.
  2. Select " My profile "then click on " Edit" .
  3. Choose a photo that represents you while respecting the rules imposed by the site.

Here are the rules to follow for a compliant profile photo:

  • No photos of children or minors under the age of 18 are allowed.
  • Your face must be visible, landscape photos are not allowed.
  • Pictures of objects are not allowed, your face must be visible.

Tip: You can choose to keep some photos as "Private" or set them as your main photo, to attract your future targets...

When your subscription ends, the recipient can still receive messages from you. You can continue to send messages even if your subscription has ended.

However, if the person has deleted their account, you will no longer be able to access it and therefore you will not be able to send them messages.

On J&M AdultereYou have the possibility to select the profiles that will be able to see your naughty pictures.

To do this, click on a profile you are interested in, then select " Private photo authorizations" .

Once this step is completed, the selected profile will have access to your private photos.

To find all the profiles authorized to see your most intimate photos, go to the " Access to private photos" .

To share your naughty pictures with a member, simply go to your conversation and select the "Pictures" tab.

You can then easily share your HOTest photos.

On J&M AdultereYou can report inappropriate member behavior by clicking on " Report abuse" .

This feature is available on the member's profile as well as in chat or messaging.

By reporting abuse, you allow J&M Adultere to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of its members and to combat inappropriate behavior on their network.

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