9 tips and things to know for a single woman in a libertine club

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If you are a single woman and you want to go to a libertine club for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions. And that's normal!
Swingers clubs are not like the classic discotheques: there are happy libertines, new sexual practices, a new code completely redefined.

Single women in libertine clubThis article is dedicated to you! I will try to answer your questions and I will explain to you how a typical night in a libertine club goes, at least you know what to expect!

The questions that burn the lips of single women in a libertine club

You are about to go to one of the nearest libertine clubs, whether you are in Paris, Toulouse, Marseille or Nice, you will find your happiness.
The libertine discotheques are rather numerous in France (in Belgium and in Switzerland too), and the choice is rather wide.

The course of a libertine evening is quite simple:

  1. The libertine club in question displays a theme or a type of evening in particular (Couples & Women Alone, Mixed party...)
  2. The reception is generally done by a physio (bouncer) at the entrance of the club who reserves the right to enter according to the people, their dress code, their behavior or their blood alcohol level.
  3. You can change, if you wish, in the changing rooms at your disposal, with a key to keep on you.
  4. The evening begins! You find yourself as in a discotheque, in the middle of a room with men and women who dance, a bar to quench your thirst... The difference? The people present can be a little more undressed than in a classic nightclub...
  5. By visiting the place, you can see cuddly corners, alcoves, mattresses, sofas and cushions or even closed rooms, especially dedicated to dirty things...
    You are free to observe (commonly known as voyeurism) or to participate, getting to know the people and sharing hot and intimate moments.

Of course! This is the basis of swinging To be able to meet other couples, women and men. Swingers' nightclubs are frequented by many people from different backgrounds.
You will also meet single men if the party in question allows them to participate in the party.

Not at all. You don't have to do anything. And we would like to emphasize this point which is often a blocking point in the libertine evenings for people who are not used to it: nobody will be able to force you to do anything. And for good reason, security guards are present to prevent any inappropriate actions.
It's up to you to decide what you wantYou will be able to tell us about your wishes and especially your consent to participate or not in the cuddling corners or to dance on the dance floor.
No stress: you are master of what happens in a libertine club!

In general, each club has its own dress codehis own Dress Code.
For example, at La Lanterne Club, for the gentlemen, it will be a classy style: pants, dress shoes and shirt.
For the ladies, it will be rather skirt or sexy dress to be in the theme.

Again, the dress code depends on the club you are going to and may vary depending on where you are spending the evening.
That's why at La Lanterne, we prefer to make it a point of honor for our clients to be well-dressed and well-fitted.

single woman in a libertine club

Our advice for a successful evening in a libertine club as a single woman

Let's move on to the tips we can give to single women like you who want to have a promiscuous evening. These tips work for women, couples and even single men, it's not limited to a certain type of person or sex.

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1. Meet in a libertine club adapted to your expectations and your desires

As each club has its own charter and rules, your experience will be different depending on the club you go to.
Do not hesitate to visit the website of the swinger's nightclub, to consult the reviews left by the customers who already tested or even to ask around you.
Some of your friends and family may know some of the clubs, either from themselves or from their relatives: this will give you "real" feedback.

When selecting the club where you will spend your evening, you will increase your chances of having a time that suits your expectations and without unpleasant surprises as to the frequentation of the place.

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2. Participate in "Couples & Single Women" evenings

Many clubs offer special libertine evenings for couples and single womenas we like to do every Saturday in our swinger's club.
This is the perfect opportunity to to participate in a libertine evening as a single woman You will only be surrounded by couples or other women who are single like you.

This way, you won't have to worry about misplaced advances by men, even though this practice is very little tolerated in the clubs and often controlled by the teams on site.

3. Find out about the Dress Code and the required attire

Like each club, a dress code is enforced by the libertine discotheque: dresses, skirts, blouses ... You will find various universes depending on where you go.

To make sure that the dress code is appropriate for you, ask or call the club directly to find out more. The dress code may be too restrictive or may not be what you are looking for.

4. Enjoy the atmosphere of the swingers club

Don't forget that you are here primarily to have a good evening ! Whether you are a swinger or not, the objective is to enjoy the moment, dance and have fun.
Whether you are open to swinging yourself or just curious, you can spend the evening having fun, meeting new people and learning more about the practice of libertarianism if you wish.

5. Only give consent if you really want to

Again, I'd rather repeat: you don't have to do anything. No one will be able to force you to exchange, exchange, participate in sexual games or anything else.

You are the only decision maker, your consent is essential.

This is highly respected in libertine clubs, as it is the first thing that can put off newcomers to the world of libertarianism.
The staff is attentive if any problems arise, or if a person has been disrespectful or has acted inappropriately.

evening libertine discotheque night club swinger

Single women, go to a libertine club and enjoy the evening without any obligation

If I had to make a conclusion to this article it would be that single women should not be afraid to go to sex clubs.
Everything is thought out, supervised and managed so that the evenings go smoothly, naturally and without disrespect or inappropriate gestures from anyone.

As I explained, the staff, bouncers and security guards on site do an excellent job, especially at La Lanterne Club where we only want the well-being of our beloved libertines.

One word of advice: enjoy the evening, dance, exchange with other people.
In the end, if you don't go to the cuddle corners, your evening will be like any other in a discotheque without the heavyweights who accost you as they would do in the street.

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Article written by Tony Cash

Through the years, I have acquired a significant experience in the world of libertinage and swinging. I decided to share my knowledge and experiences through the blog of our libertine club located in Aix-en-Provence: "La Lanterne".

I want to offer accurate and reliable information for you to discover new ways to have fun and connect with your partner. I am a true enthusiast and very happy to help people explore their sexuality in a responsible and consensual way!

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