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What features are available on the platform?


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What rates and subscription types are available?

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To meet a booty call: regular, a one-night stand, or a no-brainer!

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Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul is recognized by a very large number of rascals. Whether you're a libertine or not, JM Plan Cul is the dating site for you. find your happiness sex, nothing but sex !

With over 100,000 usersThe site is packed with profiles, each one different from the next. Find the one that's right for you!

Jacquie & Michel Plan cul's reputation is well established, thanks in part to the famous French porn site Jacquie et Michel and the dating site Jacquie et Michel Date formerly Contact.

What sets J&M Plan cul apart from other dating sites?
It is a dating site focused on sexual encounters: especially booty calls, which can be regular or not!
And the site has understood this, offering you the opportunity to position yourself on the relationship you want to search for:

  • Plan cul régulier " 💋
  • "Depending on the feeling" 😏
  • "One-night stand. 🔥

In this article, we will discuss this dating site in detail:

  • How it works
  • How to use it
  • Membership costs
  • Testimonials from platform users.

We'll also carry out a rival analysis, to give you a view of which site is best suited to your preferences, as well as additional information, such as useful recommendations.

Our opinion about JM Plan Cul

As a libertine club, we have tested many libertine dating sites on the web. Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul is the closest to our universe.

Thanks to the creation of a profile of women who looking for a booty callWe were able to test all the site's features free of charge. However, as men, you will need a subscription to access all the platform's features.

The details you add to your profile allow you to let other users know what you are looking for when it comes to booty calls.
With the advanced search site, it's easy toeliminate profiles that don't match your preferencesallowing you to communicate only with those who align with your desires!

Once you have thoroughly tested the platform and if it meets your expectations, we recommend that you opt for Gold membership. It features more competitive prices and perhaps settled monthly or annually.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, whether your search is for simple pleasures, we've rated Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul for you, the perfect meeting place to bring your desires to life.

jm date logo

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To go further on Jacquie et Michel : Promo code – Log in to your accountMobile application

JM Plan Cul: the dating site to find your next booty call!

Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul is a dating site for people looking for a booty call.
The platform offers free registration and a host of comprehensive features, on a paid subscription basis for men.

Ce site offre à chacun la possibilité de dénicher ce qu’il désire : des liaisons intimes sans prise de tête, combinées à la liberté de disposer de son corps librement !

On the J&M Plan Cul dating platform, you can Fill in your information, regarding your profile, but also fill in your current desires. Whether you're looking for a regular, no-fuss plan or a one-night stand, JM Plan Cul allows you to change your desires like your panties!

The regular booty callsFor some, that's good! For others, too much pressure. So don't worry, if you first want to dating without the headachewe recommend the " We'll see according to feeling" .

Subscription costs

Monthly membership of Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul varies from 31,99€ to 49,94providing different benefits depending on the formula selected.

6 months

21,99€ a total of €131.94

3 months

26,83€ a total of €80.50

1 month

49,94€ or €1.66/day

jacquie michel subscriptions rates cost price 1 7 days
jacquie michel subscriptions rates cost price 3 30 days
jacquie michel subscriptions rates cost price 2 15 days

Take advantage of Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul's trial promotion at €1.94 for 1 week!

To try the dedicated booty call platform before committing to a subscription, JM Plan Cul suggests a 14-day trial at €1.94 per week.

This offer is available when you select your membership package on your Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul space.

Jacquie et Michel contact : Price trial offer

J et M Plan Cul special features

J&M Swingers makes available to numerous functions to allow you to easily find what you are looking for on the platformwhether virtually or for meet nice people and get the most out of your user experience.

Here is an overview of the available features:



In the messages section, you'll find messages from profiles that are interested in you and your exchanges.


Extended search

Even though it can be found on many dating sites, J&M Plan Cul has set up a sorting system specifically focused on the field of sex.

Thanks to this feature, you'll be able to find profiles close to home. It's up to you to choose the distance, age range and size of the profiles you want to find.


Photo filter

Women with an account can activate a privacy option to avoid viewing explicit photos or snaps.
Several modes are available: Soft, Moderate and Hot!
You decide whether you're curious or not...


Private photo authorizations

On JM Plan Cul, you can authorize the most seductive members to access your risqué shots!

Free yourself from the apprehensions of revealing your physique to strangers, and decide who to give the privilege to...


My Selection

The "My Selection" section contains all the profiles you have Like.


Second chance

Everyone deserves a second chance, even on dating sites!
So don't worry if you swiped an interesting profile too quickly. You can always find it in this category: "Second chance".



The " snap The "JM Plan Cul" site offers a mechanism for sharing images or videos in real time, similar to the Snapchat app.

Users can exchange naughty or nice content, which is deleted after a set period of time.

This gives you the opportunity to reveal intimate moments in total confidentiality, and add spice to your conversations...

La Lanterne's tips: With HOT mode, look at those Snaps from a naughtier angle 😉


Who saw my profile?

You can see the profiles that have been curious about you! Maybe this section will help you find your next Plan Cul!


Near me

The "Near Me" section gives you the opportunity to flirt with members just around the corner from your home.

One more chance to find a booty call fast!


Last connection

The "Last connection" section displays all users who have recently been active on the site.

It's the perfect time to start a story...


New members

Give a naughty wink to the newcomers to the J&M Plan Cul community by slipping them a message...

First come, first served! 😉



Discover in this section the hidden charmers who have their eye on you...

It's up to you to decide whether or not to give them a little wave...

With these naughty extras, J&M Plan Cul gives its members a passport to thrilling adventures...😏

How to join the JM Plan Cul community?

How to dive in the world of Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul from your screen? It's so easy!

Simply use your web browser on your computer or phone. On the other hand, forget the mobile app for now...
Mais pas de panique ! J&M Plan Cul a pensé à tout en proposant une version adaptée de son site sur mobile.

How do I create an account on J&M Plan Cul?

Ready to spice up your life with hot adventures on Jacquie & Michel Plan Cul ? 😉

Follow these steps:

  1. Type "JM plan cul" in your search bar.
  2. Enter the requested information: your gender, age, e-mail address and username
  3. Share your secrets when you sign up to shape your profile and see profiles to your liking.
    The more you reveal, the more fruitful your quest for the sensual nugget will be!
  4. Enter your top-secret password to access your personal space.

Tada! You're now in the inner circle of Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul!
For your first visit to the site, let yourself be tempted by the 2-week introductory offer at a low price.

Plenty of time for a sultry adventure! 🔥

Tips for surfing on Jacquie & Michel Plan Cul

Pssst! Here are the secret keys to full enjoyment J&M Plan Cul with hot sauce :

  • Why stay in the shadows? Become the maestro of seduction and send the first message to the ones that catch your eye.
  • Do you have any special wishes? Write it loud and clear on your profile, or slip it subtly into your messages. Badges are a great help in clarifying your intentions, but you can never be too clear, so make it clear as the conversation progresses.
  • No useless talk or fables. Simply be yourself and reveal YOUR desires.
  • A little gentleness in this world of brutes: cherish and respect your interlocutors. It's the guarantee of a smooth dialogue.
  • And the watchword: let yourself be carried away by the waltz of pleasure! 😉
Jacquie et Michel Rondes : Tips for a verified profile

How can I use J&M Paln Cul to meet new people?

Want to spice up your booty search on this dating site? Then follow these tips:

Rock every corner of the site and play with all the features on offer to flirt with other adventure-seekers like you!

Unfilter your desires, reveal your most secret appetites, and use the personalized search so that the site only serves you partners who live up to your expectations!

Use customized search

Well, as we've seen, finding the little getaway you're after on this site is child's play!

Play with the filters to search by the type of encounter you want to make, gender, city, distance between you and the proposed profiles, age and height.


Define your desires and research

In order to find the swinger(s) that match your desiresyou can select different genres (LGBTQI+) as well as "cravings" that represent different sexual practices such as swinging, exhibitionism, Mixing, voyeurismand many others...


Let yourself be tempted by libertine nights and secret rendezvous!

Also look for special moments or naughty parties in France's most popular swingers clubs, such as La Lanterne !

Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul is a scam?

Our response is mixed, as many of the site's reviews are very negative about the platform. JM Plan Cul.
On our side, however, the experience went off without a hitch. Whether it's with pretty ladies, dark-haired gentlemen or adventure-seeking duos, they're all looking for a good time (and more if they're so inclined...).

You will discover an erotic atmosphere and sexual tension at their peak thanks to :

  • 60,000+ visits per month 
  • 10,000+ users
  • 51% of women enrolled

What to exchange in all freedom...

Crunchy testimonials from Jacquie & Michel Plan Cul users

Sur la plateforme Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul, la variété est de mise.
Whether you have a libertine bent or not, many adventurers of pleasure are looking for uncomplicated sex.

There are a number of user testimonials concerning JM Plan Cul. Most of them point out the abuse of the trial offer, which is automatically renewed by a subscription.

Our advice: cancel your trial offer yourself on the day it is due to end!

Find out more about Trustpilot below.

For those who really want a quick meeting go ahead

As a woman who knows what she is looking for, that is to say sex, this site meets my expectations perfectly. I have made some nice encounters and frankly we quickly find what we are looking for!

4/5 by Erotic club on Trustpilot
Date of Experience: March 02, 2022 

Site Bidon

So, as it obviously didn't work as a man and you had to pay for any simple action, I changed sex (it was painless) and created a female profile.
There, they ask for the mobile number (whereas I wasn't asked for anything when I was still a man) and there are pre-written introductory texts (like "Love is blind... but allow me to doubt it when I look at your profile... It made me want to get to know you. If you feel like it, write to me!", they must use the same texts for their fake messages...).
Everything seems to be free, but you have to give your phone number to send messages (I wonder why!).
In short, girls looking for naughty sex don't go to this kind of site... Surprising, isn't it?

1/5 by Duke Roger on Trustpilot
Date of Experience: April 12, 2022

To be avoided urgently

To be avoided urgently
Not only will you not meet anyone, but once you've agreed to test the €1.94 week, you'll be committed to two debits of €29.80 and a cancellation charge of €19.74.
Don't be fooled.

1/5 by Pascal Mercier on TrustPilot
Date of Experience:
July 01, 2023


An assembly of rascals, guaranteed without imposters?

Beware: in the realm of virtual encounters and libertine gardens, there are sometimes wolves in disguise!
Just like JM Plan Culyou can come across fake accounts among the thousands of profiles available.

Most reviews show too many fake profiles. We didn't get that impression about the profiles on the platform. Most of them had at least one real profile photo. Visit snaps also show us other photos of the person at the time.

JM Plan Cul has set up safety shields : of search filters (it is possible to see only profiles with a photo) and a verification by e-mail and telephone to prove that your contact is real.

At Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul, diversity is the rule! Young or old, exploring every color of the love rainbow, and from every stratum of society.

The alternatives of sites to look for Booty calls like JM Plan Cul :

The undisputed king!

wyylde logo

Wyyldethanks to its large following, easy handling and ubiquitous presence, closely titillates J&M Plan Cul as a naughty rival.

This interface is famous for its rich palette of treats: from snapshots to video footage, real-time chats to boisterous webcam sessions, not to mention Facebook-like publications, and spaces dedicated to libertine maestros, such as libertine clubs and spas.

Place libertine: a reckless, teasing rival!

place libertine logo

Place libertine ?

When it comes to J&M Plan Cul, he's a little rascal who doesn't let himself be intimidated. With two million registered flirts, 70,000 daily connections and more than 200 pleasure seekers, he's making his presence felt!

The platform, with a touch of audacity, offers the charm of chat, torrid moments live via webcam, sweet (or spicy) words exchanged internally, certified dates in images and videos, and for the adventurous, a geolocation-based treasure map.

NousLibertins: a spicy option!

nouslib logo

Welibertins is a site of exchange and mixing for the libertines, which proposes a free registration to allow the users to benefit from the services before subscribing to the libertine site.

With a fairly active community of 2,000,000 members, the site offers innovative features such as Speed Sex Dating, which is both interesting and innovative.

Don't hesitate to register on Nouslib to discover these features.


libertic logo

Libertic offers features similar to those of J&M Plan Cul. With 500,000 members, it plays in a more intimate league.
But beware: membership fees are higher here, and sometimes you come across profiles that play a little too much hide-and-seek with reality.

If you're looking for a wild booty call, this might not be the best place...

RDV Libertin: Pal mal pour un petit joueur!

RDV Libertin logo

RDVlibertinis the little rascal who plays in the second division. Less bling-bling than some of the big names, he still has his assets, including an eye-catching look.

Just a few taps on your keyboard and you're in: username, age, region...

The best part? It puts you directly in touch with naughty members not far from where you live, a bit like "Jacquie et Michel Plan cul".
Who says size always matters?

Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul's juicy anecdotes

Surfing on the wave of this name that makes many a Frenchman blush, they know how to take advantage of the reputation game.
With a label already tinged with libertine pleasures and adventures, JM Plan Cul will appeal to anyone looking to swap secrets under the comforter...
and who knows, maybe a little more?

You can also find Jacquie et Michel on social networks:

Final verdict on the Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul dating site for libertines

For those looking for spices in their lives, a one-night stand or simply a little spice to everyday lifethis site is the playground ultimate.

Sailing in the the vast world of online datingthe area stands out as a haven for those looking for unattached connections close to home.
We're not talking about grand declarations of love or moonlit strolls, but rather about torrid momentsof fleeting pleasures and unexpected thrills.

Go for it, and who knows, maybe tonight you'll meet someone just outside your door.

La Foire aux Q de Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul

My account

Ready for a naughty trip on Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul via your browser?
Follow the seductive guide:

  1. Dive into the world of Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul via their main page.
  2. Look away from the " Connection" hidden in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Waltz your fingers across the keyboard to enter your nickname and secret code.
  4. Give in to temptation and press the " " button. Connection "just below.

Congratulations, you've now entered the digital boudoir of Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul!
Explore, stroll and personalize your space to your heart's content.

Fancy a little naughty break and ending your subscription?
Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click on your profile picture.
  2. Let us guide you to " My Account" .
  3. Lightly stroke the Subscription" .
  4. Boldly, click on " Saying goodbye to my Premium privileges" .

Want to disappear from JM Plan Cul for a while?

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Take a look at J&M Plan Cul website for one last time!
  2. Click on your profile picture.
  3. Go to " My account" .
  4. Under the " Parameters" Go to "Unsubscribe".

You have now left the JM community! Perhaps you've found what you're looking for 😉

Of course, you can adjust your wishes on the fly!

Simply go to the filters in the " Personalized meetings" .
Now it's up to you to choose your preferences!

So, tempted by a new game of seduction?

Subscription and payments

Of course, entering the world of J&M Plan Cul doesn't cost a penny! Registration is 100% free!

But if the idea is to sample every delicacy that this delicious buffet of encounters has to offer, a small entry ticket, in the form of a subscription, will open all the doors.

With a free membership as a man, some sweets remain out of reach.

So if you're feeling adventurous, why not take the plunge with a GOLD subscription?

To be reimbursed, a few small rituals are necessary.

Customer Service is here to answer all your questions. Just drop them a line in the corner " Help " of the site.

They'll know how to enchant you and dispel your worries!

Join Jacquie et Michel Echangistes, it's FREE!

But, a little secret... To unlock the full potential and spice up your virtual encounters, you'll need to choose from their tempting offers.

They offer you three options in gold, silver and even bronze:

BRONZE subscription: €49.99/month
SILVER subscription: €31.99/month
Gold subscription: €32.99/month

To whet your appetite, you can test the service for two weeks at just €1.94 a week. Tempted? 😉

Would you like to try J&M Plan Cul without spending a penny?
It's possible, but you won't have access to the whole menu! Some delicacies will remain inaccessible to you as a man.

Want to devour everything with no limits? Opt for a small subscription. You'll see the world of sex open up to you without restraint.

PS: For women, the site is 100% free!!!!

Ah, too bad! No promo code in sight for J&M Plan Cul at the moment.

There are still some pleasures to be had on the subscription front:

For BRONZE option A week is a gift!
For selection SILVER 15 bonus days for €31.99/month instead of €50
For GOLD PACK A whole month free! For €32.99/month, much better than the usual €55!

Curious? Why not try the site's fourteen-day discovery offer?
It's time to place your bets!

Operation, tips and miscellaneous

Oyez, oyez, before posting your pretty face, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind:

Avoid posing with children under 18!
We want to see your face, not pretty panoramas or cute trinkets.

And if you want to play mysterious, don't hesitate to opt for the " Private photo" .

Don't forget to add your current wishes to your profile.
Whether you like lesbian duos, straight duos, or duos with a touch of bisexual here and there, make it clear!

For novices, I know, I know... getting into this frenzied dance can be a real headache.
But if you poke around among the profiles and send virtual winks, you just might stumble across your gem!

And guess what? A few sweet or spicy words could lead directly to a fiery tango in front of the webcam or, who knows, in the flesh for some... shall we say, spicy moments! 😉🌶️

If your darling is playing Cinderella and the conversation ends, don't worry: your chats with the other members are still on the menu!

On the other hand, if a member has vanished into thin air by deleting their account, their messages disappear into the digital Bermuda Triangle.
Unfortunately, you won't be able to slip her any more sweet nothings 😔

That's life... or rather, the game of digital seduction!

Would you like to play hide-and-seek with your most daring shots, but only with certain curious little ones?
We can fix that!

So go to the profile that catches your eye (or that you want to make blush) and choose " Access to private photos" . This lucky youngster will then be able to see your hidden treasures!

Stumbled across someone a little too daring on J&M Plan Cul? No whispering between us!

Let us know by clicking on " Report abuse "We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
J&M Plan Cul will then play big brother to set the record straight.

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