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Find out what your favorite libertine club thinks about the site: J&M SM


What exciting features does the platform offer?


Discover all the naughty secrets of JM SM


Join us and immerse yourself in the pleasures (or pains...) of JM SM functionality!

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How much do the different membership packages cost?

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To meet other SM practitioners for more adventures

Trial offer

Enjoy a fortnight's adventure at a seductive rate at Jacquie et Michel sadomasochistes!


Explore JM SM's major competitors.

Discover Jacquie et Michel SMJ&M SM, adulated by a vast community of sadomasochists. Whether you're a novice or a master of the art, J&M SM is your reference point for unbridled sadomasochistic experiences !

With an arsenal of 87,000 users, an amazing variety of profiles awaits you!

Jacquie & Michel SM's reputation is well established, thanks in large part to the legendary French erotic universe Jacquie et Michelas well as to the naughty dating site Jacquie et Michel Date formerly JM Contact.

But what makes J&M SM so unique compared to other sites?
He immerses himself in the world of sadomasochistic relationships.

The site gives you the option of defining the type of link you want:

  • Regular partner " 💋
  • Depending on how you feel " 😏
  • For a one-night stand " 🔥

In this analysis, we take a closer look at the :

His approach
Subscription rates
Feedback from the SM community.

We'll also give you a comparative overview of our challengers, to help you find the platform that's right for you, with a host of helpful tips and tricks.

Back to JM SM

As a libertine club, we have explored a multitude of naughty sites online. Jacquie et Michel SM comes closer to our universe, where all practices are allowed.

With a damsel avatar in search of Sadomasochistic thrillswe discovered every nook and cranny of this canvas without spending a thing.
In addition, for the gentlemen, to dive entirely on the site without restrictions, a subscription to the platform will be your best ally in finding what you're looking for.

The details you show on your profile can tell our peers about you and your family. desires linked to the art of domination.
The instruments custom search of the site are also perfect for weeding out those that don't match your preferences, allowing you to browse solely with those who vibrate in unison with your desires!

After a wild dance on this website, if it resonates with you, think about Gold subscription. This one will seduce you with attractive pricesavailable in monthly or annual packages.

Whether it's your first steps or an accomplished mastery, exploring your frontiers or plunge into the intense duet of pain and delightWe've explored Jacquie et Michel Sadomasochiste, the perfect sanctuary to bring your daydreams to life.

jm date logo

All Jacquie & Michel Rencontres websites...

ContactRoundsSwingersMessengerAdulteryCougarsBlack  – SadomasochistPlan CulTriolism

To go further on Jacquie et Michel : Promo code – Log in to your accountMobile application

JM SM: the dating site to find your next pain - pleasure party!

Dive into the spicy world of Jacquie & Michel SM the essential reference for those wishing to explore their secret sexual inclinations. Go ahead, sign up without taking a penny out of your pocket, and browse through a myriad functions on a paid subscription system for men, and of course free for the ladies.

The home of J&M SM is like a candy store... for adults. Here you'll find no-nonsense, fiery connections in the heart of a a daring troupe on the SM !

By treading the digital corridors of this platform, reveal what you love about this practiceand your current naughty dreams.
Whether you're looking for a regular adventure, a one-night stand, or even if you don't yet know what you're looking for, J&M SM invites you to vary your pleasures!

And yes, even in the SM arenayou can be selective about who you associate with!
For rascals who want to take the temperature (or get warmed up)Please remember to proudly display the " We'll see how it feels" just to see where the current takes you...

Subscription rates

At Jacquie et Michel SMmonthly rates vary between 31,99€ and 49,94€offering a range of benefits depending on which option you choose 😉

6 months

21,99€ a total of €131.94

3 months

26,83€ a total of €80.50

1 month

49,94€ or €1.66/day

jacquie michel subscriptions rates cost price 1 7 days
jacquie michel subscriptions rates cost price 3 30 days
jacquie michel subscriptions rates cost price 2 15 days

Take advantage of J&M SM's special offer: €1.94 for a spicy week!

Try a naughty adventure before plunging into the world of sadomasochism.

JM SM is making eyes at you with 14-day trial at only €1.94 per week.

Succumb to this tempting invitation by choosing your engagement in your den Jacquie et Michel Sadomasochiste.

Jacquie et Michel contact : Price trial offer

JM SM features

J&M SM unveils its trunk of tricks, packed with everything you need to satisfy your digital desires or for flirt with a few warm rabbit" .
An experience that tickles the senses!

An appetizer for naughty tools proposed :



In the alcove of sweet and spicy words, plunge into the missives of those who devour you with their eyes (from afar) and relive your naughty chats...

jm sm custom search result

Search filters

Although common in the world of dating sites, J&M SM offers you a spicy carousel, tailor-made for those seeking very specific carnal pleasures.

With this tool, you can discreetly discover temptations just around the corner.
Define the range, age and even size of the sadomasochist of your dreams.

jm sm photo filter hot result

Photo filter

Ladies with an account, here's your magic wand: activate your naughty filter to spare your eyes from slightly risqué snaps.

Three flavours to choose from: Soft, Moderate or HOT!

It's up to you to decide whether or not you want to be naughty today...


Private photo authorizations

At JM SM, give your most irresistible admirers a VIP pass to admire your naughty photos!

Let go of those timid hesitations to show off your curves and choose who gets to be dazzled by them...


My Selection

The "My Selection" area contains all the sadomasochists you have Like.


Second chance

Everyone deserves a second chance, even when it comes to online dating!

Don't panic if you've slipped a little too quickly onto a tempting profile...
He'll be waiting for you in the "Second Chance" corner.



La petite malice " snap JM SM" lets you share live visual thrills, Snapchat-style.

For the more daring, swap naked delights (or not)... but, they'll disappear after a while.

Here's a chance to spice up your exchanges and reveal a few secrets, discreetly...

A side note from La Lanterne: Use the "HOT" mode, and enjoy these Snaps with a voyeuristic eye...


Who saw my profile?

Find out who's been eyeing your profile! This little alcove could well lead to your next S&M adventure...


Near me

Near me" This section invites you to chat with neighbors near you.

Jump at the chance (or at your neighbors...) to spice up your evening!


Last connection

The "Last connection" category reveals all those who recently made a virtual visit here.

What better way to start an exciting adventure...


New members

Give a mischievous look to the latest members of the J&M SM club by leaving them a spicy message...



Dive into this space and flush out the greediest about you...

It's up to you whether you send them a wink in return or not...

Thanks to these mischievous touches, J&M SM offers its members a ticket to exquisite escapades where pleasure rhymes with thrills... 😏

How do you get in among the JM SM gourmands?

Want to immerse yourself in the naughty world of Jacquie et Michel SM from your screen? Easy as pie!

Open your web browser, whether on PC or smartphone. Ah, and drop the app for the moment... Don't worry! J&M SM has orchestrated everything, offering a tailor-made for cell phones.

How do I create an account on JM SM?

Want to spice up your daily routine with Jacquie & Michel Sadomasochiste's torrid escapades?

Let us guide you :

  1. In your search bar, type "JM SM".
  2. Fill in the form: gender, age, email and naughty nickname.
  3. Whisper your little secrets when you sign up, to refine your profile and avoid coming across profiles that make you blush.
  4. The more daring your revelations, the more exquisite your sensual treasure hunt!
  5. Type this ultra-confidential password to immerse yourself in your private corner.

And that's it! You've passed through the secret doors of Jacquie et Michel Sadomasochiste!
For first-timers, succumb to the 14-day discovery offer, for an intoxicating test.

Just the thing to flush out a torrid affair 😉

Mischievous advice for sailing the waters of Jacquie & Michel SM

Here's your key to tasting J&M SM HARD version :

  • Why play it cool?
    Put on your charmer's costume and take the initiative by hanging on to the ones that make your heart beat faster.
  • Specific fantasies?
    Claim them on your profile or whisper them into the virtual ears of your interlocutors. Visit badges are valuable allies in indicating your preferences, but a little reminder during the conversation never hurts.
  • Forget pompous speeches. Just be genuineby revealing the real you.The golden rule? Let yourself be carried away by the tango of lust!
Jacquie et Michel Rondes : Tips for a verified profile

How can I use J&M SM to meet lots of S & M singles?

Want to spice up your quest for sex on this dating site? Then follow these tips:

Rock every corner of the site with play with all the features available for flirting with other SM adventure seekers just like you!

Unfilter your desires, reveal your most secret appetites, and use the personalized search so that the site only serves you partners who live up to your expectations!

Use customized search

Here are the secret keys to enjoying J&M Plan Cul à la sauce piquante :
  • Why stay in the shadows? Become the maestro of seduction and send your first message to those who give you œil.
  • Do you have any special wishes? Write to loud and clear on your profile or slip it subtly into your messages. Badges are a great help in clarifying your intentionsbut you can never be too clear, specify as the conversation progresses. No useless talk or fables. Simply be yourself and reveals YOUR desiresA little gentleness in this world of brutes: cherish and respect your interlocutors. It's the guarantee of a smooth dialogue. And the watchword: let yourself be carried away by the waltz of pleasure!

Define your desires and research

In order to find the swinger(s) that match your desiresyou can select different genres (LGBTQI+) as well as "cravings" that represent different sexual practices such as swinging, exhibitionism, Mixing, voyeurismand many others...


Give in to the temptation of naughty evenings and mysterious escapades! 

Also find exclusive moments and teasing celebrations in some of France's most famous swingers' dens, such as La Lanterne !


A gathering of sadists or masochists with two faces?

Be careful! In the world of virtual flirtations and the world of libertinage, some may wear deceptive masks !
Even at JM SMamong the ocean of profiles available on the platform, some can be not what they claim to be.

We've received a lot of feedback about the abundance of fake profiles. Yet our experience on the platform suggests otherwise. The majority revealed an authentic image.
Snaps also revealed other spontaneous facets of the members.

JM SM has erected selection criteria (possibility of viewing only one image) and confirmation by e-mail and cell phone to ensure the credibility of your profile.

Other playgrounds for hunting sadomasochists in the style of JM SM :

The undisputed champion!

wyylde logo

With a vibrant community and remarkable ease of use, Wyylde boldly teases J&M SM.

This platform is renowned for its tasty mosaic: from crisp photos to video clips, from instant chats to wild webcam evenings. It doesn't forget to evoke the style of Facebook with its posts, and pampers libertine virtuosos with special corners like libertine clubs and havens.

Place libertine: a daring adversary with a touch of mischief!

place libertine logo

Place libertine ?

In front of J&M SM, here's a rascal who's not afraid of a good time. With his almost two myriads of digital lovers, he marks his territory!

The platform lets you unveil your charms in fiery discussions, sizzling moments on video, sweet (or spicy) whispers shared privately, and for the more daring, a compass of desire based on geographical location to practice your desires just a stone's throw from home.

NousLibertins: a spicy option!

nouslib logo

Nouslib is the libertine web of sharing of all kinds. Offering a free entry ticket, so the curious can savor the delights before joining this world of intense pleasure.

With a naughty circle overflowing with 2,000,000 adventurous souls, this den unveils nuggets like "Speed Sex Dating", both captivating and avant-garde.

Come on, try your hand at Nouslib and immerse yourself in this world of discovery!

Libertic : Not for this kind of meeting...

libertic logo

Libertic offers options reminiscent of J&M SM. With a community of 500,000 members, it flirts with a cosier atmosphere. However, the cost of registration is a little steep, and some profiles have a tendency to play fast and loose with the truth.

If you've got a torrid adventure in mind, this might not be the place for you...

RDV Libertin: Pal mal pour un petit joueur!

RDV Libertin logo

RDVlibertinis the mischievous one of the bunch. Less glitzy than other behemoths like JM SM, it's nonetheless just as enticing.

The icing on the cake? It connects you instantly with naughty girls right on your doorstep, in true "Jacquie et Michel SM" style.

Jacquie et Michel SM's juicy anecdotes

Skilfully capitalizing on the name that makes more than one Frenchman pink, Jacquie et Michel exploit their reputation with mischief.

With a badge already steeped in pain and pleasure, JM SM bewitches those seeking to share a few mysteries between the sheets... and who can say, maybe more?

You can also find Jacquie et Michel on social networks:

Our verdict on Jacquie & Michel Sadomaso

For adventurers in search of big thrills, JM SM is the playground for you! 

Dive into a world where pleasure is king ! Indulge in BDSM practicesWhether you're curious, or an expert practitioner in the field.

Don't expect grand oaths or starlit strolls, but rather fiery momentsto painful and pleasant palpitations.

Jacquie et Michel SM's Q Fair

My account

Ready for a sado-masochistic escapade on Jacquie et Michel SM from your browser?
Let our guide charm you:

Congratulations, you are now immersed in the virtual world of Jacquie et Michel SM ! Wander around and shape your profile as you see fit.

Would you like to close your SM membership?

Walk this path step by step:

  • Tap your profile picture.
  • Let yourself be carried away to " My Settings" .
  • Gently tickle the " Membership" .
  • With a touch of audacity, press " Deactivate my Premium benefits" .

Need an escape?

Such is the dance to be led:

  • Tune in for a final waltz on J&M SM website !
  • Gently touch your profile picture.
  • Dance to " My Settings" . Under the fan " Settings" twirl to " Unsubscribe" .

Well, you've said your goodbyes to the JM community!

Of course, you can change your mind in the blink of an eye!

Slide over to the selectors in the "Customized search" section. Now it's up to you to define the person you're looking for.

So, are you ready for a new dance of ecstasy?

Subscription and payments

Registration is definitely free for all curious newcomers!

However, to savor every treat the site has to offer, a subscription unlocks all its secret passages.

Gentlemen, it's time for you to sign up for a subscription to enjoy some treats that remain inaccessible with a non-paying account.

So, if you're in the spirit of an explorer of delights, why not immerse yourself with a GOLD subscription?

A few secret dances are required to obtain restitution.

The Assistance team is on the lookout, eager to satisfy your curiosity.
Send them a wink by e-mail, from the " Assistance "on the portal.

They have the charms to delight you and make your worries vanish!

Join the party at Jacquie et Michel Galipettes, at zero cost!

However, just between us... To awaken all the magic and spice up your digital flirtations, a little tour of their range of subscriptions is in order.

There are three podium-worthy choices: gold, silver and bronze:

  • BRONZE Pass: €49.99/month
  • SILVER Pass: €31.99/month
  • Gold Pass: €32.99/month

And just to make your mouth water, a two-week trial will cost you just €1.94 per week. Ready to succumb?

So, my little rascal, are you tempted by the idea of browsing at J&M SM without putting your hand in your wallet?

It's playable, but you'll have to settle for an amuse-bouche!
Some treats for gentlemen will remain out of reach.

Do you have the desire to taste without barriers?
Consider a subscription! You'll see the eden of pleasure unfold unhindered before you.

A special treat for you ladies: free access to 100%!!!!

No discount code for J&M SM on the horizon, unfortunately!

But don't sulk, there are surprises in store for you on the subscription side:

  • With the BRONZE offer: seven days is a gift for new customers!
  • If you choose SILVER: 15 extra days for just €31.99/month, a far cry from the usual €50. And for the GOLD package: Surprise! One month free! At just €32.99/month, it's even more attractive than the standard €55 price!

Are you the intrepid type? Why not try out the two-week trial period? It's up to you!

Operation, tips and miscellaneous

Hey there, watch out! Before you share that charming face, keep in mind these little hints of mischief:

  • Keep your shots away from children under 18!
  • It's you we want to enjoy, not the breathtaking scenery or the adorable little cats.

Do you like mystery? Then why not choose the " Secret cliché " ? 🤫

Hey you! Don't forget to write in black and white on your profile what makes you tick at the moment!

Fans of lesbian duets, whips or swifts, a zest of bisexual here and there, add a few candles?
Say it loud and clear!

For newcomers, I can see you... diving into this frantic dance may seem confusing. But, as you explore the different profiles and show your interest in some of them, who knows, your hidden gem might reveal itself!

And a little scoop: a few sweet or spicy phrases could well lead you into a passionate dance behind the screen, or better still, face-to-face for moments... how shall we say, spicier! 😉

If your little favorite goes AWOL, don't panic: your naughty chats with other members are still going strong!

That said, if a member has evaporated ninja-style by deleting his profile, his little words will fly straight into the web vortex.
Whispering in her ear virtually? That's it.

Want to play a dangerous game with your most daring photos? Or simply catch the eye of someone special?
Let me guide you!

  • Go to the profile that gets you hooked.
  • Select " Access to private photos" .

The lucky man or woman will then have a VIP pass for your nudes!

Have you come across anyone a little too reckless on J&M SM?

Click on " Report "on his profile.

J&M SM will turn protector to put the cheeky boy in his place!

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