The Libertine Restaurant of La Lanterne opens its doors

Comptoir du Divino becomes La Lanterne Restaurant
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A short while ago, we were wondering why not combine the best pleasures in the world...
Sharing carnal and gustatory pleasures is possible at La Lanterne, your favorite libertine club.
Our new restaurant, led by a chef and his team will delight your taste buds for a delicious moment...

Lanterne Club Aix Restaurant

Previously, the Comptoir du Divino was a restaurant located next to the club.
La Lanterne and the Comptoir du Divino are now one and the same!

You can start the evening at the Restaurant and then head to the Club once the meal is over...

Lanterne Club Aix Restaurant coquin

A new concept at La Lanterne: the libertine restaurant

Sharing intimate and delicious moments around a meal cooked to the small onions by a chef ? It is now possible at the libertine club La Lanterne in Aix-en-Provence.
The concept is simple: meet in a cosy and sensual restaurant around dimmed lights for an intimate moment.

To accompany you in your tasting, we have set up :

  • Musical entertainment
  • Original cocktails
  • Home-made dishes by our chef and his team.

You will then be invited to the Club, to continue your evening of pleasure...

Reserve now by phone: 07 82 06 62 89 !

Musical entertainment to accompany your meal

We invite many artists to come and play their best songs for a musical accompaniment, always in the Lounge & Cosy theme in our erotic restaurant

Lanterne Club Aix Restaurant sex

Homemade dishes and cocktails by our chef and his team

All of our a la carte meals and cocktail dinners are 100% fresh and homemade, by our chef and his team.
Our cocktails served at the bar or directly at the table are naughty and sexy, like our guests...

Lanterne Club Aix Restaurant

After dessert, you will be invited to go down to the Club, to continue the evening and discover our alcoves of desire...

Share quality 100% fresh homemade meals in a cosy lounge setting with recurring musical entertainment.

A lounge bar area accompanies our restaurant for a chic and relaxed aperitif.

The naughty restaurant in pictures :

Reserve now by phone: 07 82 06 62 89 !

The Restaurant Q Fair

What are the prices of the restaurant La Lanterne?

When you come to the Restaurant, you get a seat at the Club that night!
The average rate for the Restaurant for two people is 60€.

You can also consult our price list.

What are the opening hours of La Lanterne's erotic restaurant?

The restaurant La Lanterne is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays:

  • Tuesday: 7pm-11pm - Cocktail Reception
  • Thursday (1/month): 7pm-11pm - Cocktail Reception
  • Friday and Saturday : 19h/00h - A la carte

How to get to the libertine restaurant La Lanterne ?

To enjoy a sexy and intimate meal in our libertine club, you will have to go to the 4039 route de Sisteron, 13100 Aix en Provence Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Article written by Tony Cash

Through the years, I have acquired a significant experience in the world of libertinage and swinging. I decided to share my knowledge and experiences through the blog of our libertine club located in Aix-en-Provence: "La Lanterne".

I want to offer accurate and reliable information for you to discover new ways to have fun and connect with your partner. I am a true enthusiast and very happy to help people explore their sexuality in a responsible and consensual way!

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  • I don't know your cbub at all

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your comment!
      If you haven't heard of the Lantern complex yet, we're open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (and one Thursday a month) for some great nights out.
      Here are our theme nights to know the next party that will awaken your wildest desires...

      See you soon!
      La Lanterne Club


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La Lanterne is a libertine club offering a unique experience.

Three places to satisfy all your fantasies and desires:
Experience intimate and unforgettable moments in our Club.
Awaken your taste buds with the delicious dishes of our Restaurant.
Enjoy our liberty pool with the Mahoa Beach for hot and humid summers.

Discover La Lanterne and live out your wildest desires in a safe and consensual environment.

Join us!

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