Neteck VPC Collection: What is it?

neteck-vpc levallois-per cest-what? why? Is it a scam ?
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I can see you coming: you have spotted a sample of " Neteck-VPC You see a "fraudulent payment" on your bank statement and you think it's a scam or a fraudulent payment.

In general, if this wording is present on your account, there is a good reason: you use one of the sites published by the company in question.
If you don't know what these sites are or have never even heard of them, someone may have access to your banking information and be using it without your knowledge...

What is "Neteck VPC"?

Neteck VPC or KOALA Interactive is a web software editor that publishes websites such as Wyylde or Netchangism.
The address of its head office is : 121 Rue Edouard Vaillant, 92300 Levallois-Perret and its SIREN is 453 451 965.

You can find more information on :

Here is a video presentation of the company:

KOALA (Neteck) also publishes websites and applications such as Night Without Madness, Kooky or even Kinky.
Here are the Wyylde Terms and Conditions to get more information about the company.

Where does the levy under the name "NETECK-VPC" come from?

The name " Neteck VPC " or " KOALA "If you have paid with your credit card on the Internet or via transfer on one of the websites developed by the company (Wyylde or Netech).

It can be a bank debit or a payment by card in e-commerce (on the Internet) on one of the sites published by the company Neteck: Wyylde or Netechangism.
These are liberty sites where you can meet other libertines to get to know each other and more if affinities...

On the Wyylde help pagethe publisher explains this wording:*

To ensure your discretion, all our direct debits will appear as "NETECK-VPC" on your bank account.

purchase e-commerce neteckvpc

Is Neteck VPC a scam?

The websites published by the company (Wyylde and Netechangism) being used by thousands of users every month, no it is not a scam.

To our knowledge, only the Wyylde and Netechangism use this wording for e-commerce. If NETECK-VPC appears on your bank statement, you have probably subscribed to one of these services.

What if this payment is not from me?

If the wording "Neteck VPC Levallois-per" appears on your bank statements but the payment was not made by you, check first if the payment was made by credit card or by transfer:

  • If the payment is made via credit card and you did not cause it, it probably means that your card data is hacked.
  • If the bank transfer has not been made by you, make sure that no one has access to your mobile application or your bank's website, from which it is possible to make transfers.
buy online neteck-vpc wyylde and netechangisme

How do I remove the "NETECK-VPC Levallois-per" from my bank account?

If you have paid on one of these sites using your credit card or bank transfer, you should only be charged once. If you have opted for a direct debit (subscription), you will most likely be debited monthly.
It will not be possible to "hide" or remove the wording "Neteck VPC" except by trying to call your bank.

Connect to Wyylde or Netechangism and cancel your subscription renewal.
If not, try contacting your bank directly, they will be better able to help you and object to the debit if needed.

How to stop the automatic renewal of Neteck-VPC?

To unsubscribe, log on to Wyylde or Netechangismnavigate through your payment options and deactivate the automatic renewal of your monthly payment.
If you can't do this because you don't have an account (maybe it's a hack) or you can't access your account, contact your bank who will opposition to direct debit.

How did Neteck VPC get my credit card?

If a credit card payment with the word "NETECK-VPC" appears on your statement, it means that you or someone with access to your credit card has subscribed to one of the following sites Wyylde and/or Netechangism.

Who to contact in case of a problem?

If you wish to contact Neteck/KOALA, you can :

  • Send a regular mail à :
    Neteck Company
    121 rue Edouard Vaillant 92300 Levallois-Perret
  • Contact them by phone at

What are the other payment methods for Wyylde and Netechangisme?

It is possible to pay your subscription by

  • check,
  • credit card,
  • prepaid card
  • by bank transfer.

You will find more information on this page.

neteck-vpc bank transfer


As explained in the article, if you are not the source of the payment, do not delay and stop the debit and your bank card (or your bank details).

If not, it means that you know what these sites are and that you are one of the users of these libertine networks 😉

If you are just discovering the libertine club La Lanterne, find out more hereYou will be pleasantly surprised...

Article written by Tony Cash

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I want to offer accurate and reliable information for you to discover new ways to have fun and connect with your partner. I am a true enthusiast and very happy to help people explore their sexuality in a responsible and consensual way!

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