Does Nouslibertins have an app on the mobile stores (iOS & Android)?

nouslib cell phone ios android
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Looking to get Nouslib on a cell phone? Today, the libertine network Nouslib offers a completely mobile version of their internal site, created specifically for your smartphones, it will allow you to use your favorite site as any application.

However, the creators have not yet developed a real application. Nouslibertins will therefore not be available in the App Store or Google Play.

It's a decision that can be upsetting, but no worries: using Nouslib on your phone is as easy and intuitive as on an app, the creators have thought of everything for their favorite rascals.

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Have Nouslibertins on your Android and iOS (Apple) smartphone

It is possible to access Nouslib on your phone, and even have it right on your home screen.

A quick reminder before you connect to Nouslib with your phone:

  • Make sure you have a Nouslib account and a smartphone
  • You cannot access the site via the App Store or PlayStore because Nouslib does not have any application at this time.
  • You can access it via most browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Internet or any other internet application.

Here's how access to Nouslib on phone :

  1. Open your favorite browserFor example, you can use "Safari" or "Chrome" from your home page.
  2. The address bar is located at the top of your browser; in this bar type in and press "Enter" or "Access"..
  3. Once you are on, it isClick on "Connect" or "Join us in the upper right corner, so you will have access to your account without any problem.
  4. Now you should be on the Nouslib homepage and you have access to your contacts, news feed, events, games, etc.
home phone application safari
home phone application safari
search uslib iphone
search uslib-iphone
home smartphone android application
home smartphone android application
search uslib android
home phone application safari

Not yet registered with Nouslib? It's time to test the platform !

Nouslib has no application on the stores, but it adapts to your mobile

Nouslib has been completely redesigned to be optimized for mobile use, so the website adapts to the screen size of your device for all these features.
This means you don't need to download an app to access Nouslib on your phone or tablet.

You can connect to Nouslib through the same address as on your desktop computer: The layout will change depending on the type of device you are using, but all of Wyylde's features work just as well as on your computer. works with all browsers and with any system (Android, iOS) on your phone or tablet (mobile). This allows Nouslib members to stay connected with other libertines even when they are not at home in front of their computer.

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iPhone: Add Nouslib to the homepage of my smartphone or tablet for faster access

To create a shortcut on your iPhone homepage will allow you to click directly on a button like an application to access your Wyylde account directly!

Quite practical when there is no application to go on your favorite social network, so we explain how to do :

  1. Go to with your mobile browser (Follow the previous instructions)
  2. When you are logged into your account, you can now click on the little "Share" icon at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Scroll down a bit, then click on "On the home screen".
  4. Choose the name you want to define that will be displayed below the icon on your home menu,
  5. You now have an app-style button that you can find among your favorite apps on your iOS home. Click on the icon and you're connected to Nouslib in seconds!
search uslib iphone
search uslib-iphone
nouslib iphone home page
option iphone nouslib home
nouslib add iphone home
iphone home nouslib application
search uslib iphone

Android : A Nouslibertins button on the home of my mobile device for quick use

You can put your account on the Wyylde website as a button on the homepage of your smartphone on your Android phone, this will allow you to access it in a few clicks in a very simple way.

Here's how to do it:

  • Go to with your mobile browser (Follow the previous instructions)
  • When you are logged into your account, you can now click on the icon with the three small dots in the top right corner of your screen,
  • Click on "Add to Home Screen
  • Choose the name that will be displayed below the icon on your home menu,
  • Notify us that you want to "Add" Nouslib to your home screen
  • Perfect! You now have an "application" style button that you can find in the middle of your applications on your Android home.
search uslib android
nouslib android home page
android option nouslib home
nouslib add home android
nouslib add home verification android
android home nouslib application
search uslib android

Soon an application on AppStore and Play Store for ?

No app has been announced on the developer side, the simplified mobile use of their website allows them to not develop an app and remains a simplified way to use their service without having to download anything.

However, this may change in the future, but for now it seems Nouslib wants to keep things simple for users.

Nouslib APK ? Unofficial Nouslibertins applications

There are APKs for your Nouslib notifications on the internet, but they are not official.
We therefore advise you not to use this kind of application, because they do not come from the official developers of the site libertine.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no official application for Nouslibbut there are workarounds. The most common way to access Nouslib on a mobile device is to use a web browser.
You can create a shortcut on your home screen that will allow you to access the site very quickly.
For this, you can find our tutorial above in our guide for iOS (Apple) and Android.

Yes, it is possible to use Nouslib on your Android mobile device, directly through their website which has been designed to fit perfectly on smaller devices.

An iPhone can be perfectly suitable for the use of NouslibNo matter the size, the site will adapt directly so that you can navigate smoothly on your Safari browser or other.

Unfortunately, we can't find the Nouslib application on the PlayStore for a very simple reason: it doesn't exist.
At the moment, Nouslib has not yet developed an application for their social network, but maybe one day!

Here's a little tip: you can still find your libertine network among your favorite applications on the homepage of your smartphone or tablet, just follow our few steps to have Nouslib as an application.

On the App Store, it is impossible to find Nouslib, and this is due to the fact that the designers of Nouslib have not yet developed a mobile application. You can still use it on your device thanks to their site which is fully optimized for your mobile or tablet.

Quick tip: you can still have it on your home screen thanks to a small tutorial located on this page.

At the moment, no development has been announced for any wyylde application. Nouslib.

Of course, we are not immune to the fact that one day the creators of the site will look into the subject. For now, the site is 100 % optimized for use on mobile or tablet. This probably means that no mobile application Nouslibertins will see the day.

Article written by Tony Cash

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I want to offer accurate and reliable information for you to discover new ways to have fun and connect with your partner. I am a true enthusiast and very happy to help people explore their sexuality in a responsible and consensual way!

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