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The libertine network Netchangism or "Netech" has been online since 2000 and has still not closed its doors at the time of writing.
Being one of the first libertine networksthe site quickly became the reference platform for swingers on the web with a huge growth as soon as it went online.

As in all fields, when a concept works, competitors get involved and new sites appear: WeLibertinsPlace Libertine, Libertic...

This has allowed the libertine platforms to diversify and offer new features such as webcams for example.

Since then, years have passed and Netechangisme has become " Wyylde ". In short, it is an improved version of the old platform, which is updated and offers many new features for lovers of swinging and libertine.

Our opinion on Netechangisme

Netchangism has always had a reputation as the best swinger site in France. And this reputation was well deserved! However, the other sites started to catch up with it and it was necessary to modernize and propose new functionalities.

Fortunately, the community was already very large before this redesign, which allowed for the evolution of Wyyldewhich is excellent in the field of the libertine sites.

Why Netechangisme was the best libertine site ?

Netech quickly distinguished itself from its competition, although it was meager at the time because it was the first online swinger site.

It has managed to offer a modern and comfortable platform for its members, which is not always the case on other libertine sites.

tariffs and prices of the subscriptions of the libertine site netechangisme

Rates and prices of NetEchangisme : a subscription system

Although it is possible to use the libertine site as a simple subscriber with limited functionality, Netechangisme operated on a monthly subscription basis.

Promo code Netechangisme

To date, we are not aware of any promotional codes or discounts for signing up to the Net Swing platform.

To read: Why do I have a direct debit from Neteck-VPC?

What are the features of Netech?

Although at the time, websites were not yet equipped with all the features we have today, Netech was already innovative:

  1. System of profile search which makes it possible to quickly identify the people likely to meet their expectations
  2. Send private messages to the other members, thanks to the instant messaging, to exchange or prepare a libertine meeting in a swingers' club.
  3. Search for a swingers club as La Lanterne according to your desires thanks to an interactive map
  4. Add photos, videos and post comments on each member's profile
  5. Tools statistics and research (such as geolocation) to meet libertines near your home
  6. Chat via webcamYou can meet other members live or in a private room to get to know each other before a meeting.
wyylde the new netechangism

What has changed with Wyylde, the new Netechangism?

Wyylde resumes the best elements of the original platform and brings a touch of modernity.

Indeed, it is presented as a libertine social networklike Facebook. This allows us to have a better knowledge of the members and their personality.

Some features have been added and the existing ones on Netechangisme are more advanced, while being simplified to find your happiness:

  • The design is better: sleek and modern
  • The site is much more secure at the level of payments and connection
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android
  • Lives videos of singles or couples who show off
  • More members are registered: about 4 million users
  • The average age is younger age range: 20-35 years old, which is explained by the social networking aspect of Wyylde

Discover the Wyylde page of La Lanterne

You will find all your favorite features: profiles, pages, events, webcams, chats, "Free tonight" while combining security and comfort of use.

other sites like netechangisme

Alternatives and other sites like NetEchangisme

If you did not find what you were looking for with Netech or Wyylde, here are someother libertarian sites where you can find and exchange with amateurs to organize naughty meetings or find parties:

Place libertine: one of the biggest competitors

Place libertine is positioned as a competitor of Netechangisme and is very active:

  • + More than 2 million subscribers
  • + More than 70,000 users per day
  • 200+ partner clubs/saunas

In addition, it offers many similar features such as chat, Live Cam exhibitions, internal messaging, certified profiles with photos / videos, geolocation search system...

NousLibertins : a good alternative to Netchangisme

Swinging and mixing site, Welibertins offers a free registration to try the site before taking your subscription.
With a strong community of 2,000,000 libertines, the site offers useful features such as the Speed Sex Dating or the phone and tablet versions. Register on NousLib !


Libertic has similar features to Wyylde and Netechangisme, but it is less frequented (500.000 members) than the previous two for various reasons:

  • Subscription rates are higher
  • There are fewer features
  • Profiles are less detailed

RDV Libertin : not very convincing

The site RDVlibertin is a less popular swinger site that offers free registration but does not have many features.

Its advantages: the design of the site and its ergonomics are pleasing to the eye, like a v2 of the Netech of the time, where we find the list of connected people on the left.
Registration is quick: You just have to fill in your nickname, your age, your region and then the site will propose you a list of other members near you so that the libertine meeting is fast.

Conclusion on the libertine site Netechangisme

Through this article, we have presented the Netechangisme libertine site and described its features that were innovative for the time.

Then, we briefly presented the new version of the site: Wyyldewhich is presented in the form of a social network libertine.

Finally, we presented the alternatives and competitors to Netech.
As we have seen, the functionalities are generally very limited or the communities are not as big.

To conclude, Netech/Wyylde have a larger number of subscribers, which makes it a more interesting social network. Its modernity, its functionalities and its exclusive partnerships with libertine clubs make it the current number one.

Netechangisme's Q-Fair

Absolutely! You will be able to connect to Netech as a visitor but you will have limited functionalities. You will not be able to view the different profiles or contact other members.

The registration is now closed and redirects directly to the new site: Wyylde.

The interface of the site being rather rudimentary (it dates from the 2000s), no mobile version has been created and optimized.
On the other hand, for the new Wyylde site, everything has been redesigned: the site is fully adapted to any type of screen and there is even a mobile application: iOS and Android to use the libertine social network.

Netéchangisme is a libertine site where you can register for free but with limited features. Indeed, you will not be able to send messages or to consult all the profiles. We can call it a "free trial", even if everything is not available.
When you subscribe, you will have access to the entire site.

It is possible to contact the website via their contact section for various questions or problems: subscription, member area, account, magazine, bad behavior or partnership and advertising.

After some research, we found a phone number to contact them: 01 40 89 34 25.

You can delete your account directly in your account settings or by contacting Netech support.

Article written by Tony Cash

Through the years, I have acquired a significant experience in the world of libertinage and swinging. I decided to share my knowledge and experiences through the blog of our libertine club located in Aix-en-Provence: "La Lanterne".

I want to offer accurate and reliable information for you to discover new ways to have fun and connect with your partner. I am a true enthusiast and very happy to help people explore their sexuality in a responsible and consensual way!

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    hello can you send me my password to this email address my login is chercpl
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    • Hello Patrick,

      You can request a new password by following the instructions on our article dedicated to the Wyylde connection !

      • Access Wyylde
      • Click on "Connect".
      • Click on "Forgot your password?
      • Enter your email and receive the new

      Hopefully this will solve your problem.

      Kind regards,


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