What does #LSW and #LCS mean on Wyylde?

wyylde meaning of lsw and lsc and activation on the profile
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If you are wondering what the acronyms mean Wyylde #LSW and #LCSyou are in the right place! Notify other members of the platform that you are available for meetings, lives or simply to exchange and discuss has never been so easy.

Learn what those hashtags mean that appear on Wyylde profiles and in search...

Basically, we are talking about #LCS: "Free Tonight".

Originally, and for a long time on the libertine site Wyyldeit was possible to set your profile to "LCS" or "Libre Ce Soir.
to indicate to other libertines and swingers, members of Wyylde that you are available for physical meetingss, in real life.

Thus, when another member visits your profile, they see the information posted on your profile. They now know that you are available to meet other libertines, to get to know each other and more if affinities...

It is also possible to search by selecting only #LCS members using the search criteria provided.

insert wyylde lsw explanation

How to put your Wyylde profile in #LCS?

For set your profile to Free Tonight (#LCS) on Wyylde, you just have to :

  1. Go to the Wyylde home page
  2. Check the #LCS button on the left of the interface
  3. You are now in #LCS (Free tonight). You are listed on your profile and appear in the search results for "#LCS".

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Wyylde decided to rename the #LCS to #LSW... But what does #LSW mean?

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Wyylde tutorial to activate LSW and LSC

The term #LSW stands for "Free On Wyylde" and replaces #LCS

Wyylde has decided to change the term #LCS to #LSW which means "Free On Wyylde. The reason is obvious: the COVID-19 prevents libertines and other enthusiasts from meeting each other, whether in a bar, in clubs or in a nightclub.

Thus, as Wyylde says so well: " Touching with the eyes has never been so topical, have fun on Wyylde, you will have all the time to resume your favorite activities once the epidemic is contained.
You are available but only through screens! "

So according to Wyylde, the #LSW would only be present until the situation returns to normal.
If you want my opinion, it is possible that the platform keeps #LSW for the future which seems relevant and looks better than "Free Tonight".

wyylde lsc becomes lsw covid

How to put your Wyylde profile in #LSW?

To put your profile on Wyylde (#LSW)you just have to :

  1. Go to the Wyylde homepage on your computer or on mobile
  2. Check the #LSW button on the left of the interface
  3. You are now in #LSW (Free on Wyylde). You are listed on your profile and appear in the search results for "LSW".

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free button on wyylde (lsw)

#LCS and #LSW: two catchy acronyms to signify your availability...

Wyylde has innovated again and presents this very useful feature to all libertine and swingers (well, not only, but it is still the majority of members of the libertine site).
With one click, you can let your friends know that you are available on Wyylde or in real life for meetings or even evening parties in swingers club or to eat in a libertine restaurant in the company of other rascals.

Did you know that before, Wyylde was called Netech ?

Wyylde Help : #Libre ce Soir
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